Fender American Standard Telecaster. Learn more. It may be useful for some clean solos in the country, or maybe blues. While some players are happy to get the Standard and upgrade the pickups, others may prefers to just spend the money on an American. The pickups and bridge are cleanly fitted. Message Seller. 01 / 03 / 2017 fred-paris sur Fender American Standard Telecaster. This is exactly what a Telecaster should have, and has been this way for over 65 years. It’s closest in suitability to grungey, power chord riffs really, but it’s still got a bite to it. Finish. The guitar is in overall very good condition with only light wear to it, and we've always admired the American Standard Tele for its workhorse-like qualities, whether in the studio, practice space, or stage - the American Standard Telecaster performs as you need it to! Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. $925 + $75 Shipping. Make an Offer. Best Hollow Body Guitar Kits – How To Find the Right One. The C-shape neck is very comfortable to play, and the smooth finish makes soloing a little easier, especially in switching from open chords to playing up at the higher frets. Currently, the Standard Tele only comes with a maple neck, as opposed to previous years – or indeed with current Standard Stratocasters – where rosewood is an option. The parts and construction are largely identical, but for less money, due to cheaper manufacturing costs. There have been plenty of variations on the Telecaster over the years, so credible alternatives are not that difficult to find. As low as $43/month with. Fender American Standard Telecaster 2005 White. Taking a look at the parts of the Telecaster, and it’s a no-frills affair for a no-frills guitar. Gibson ES 339 Review: Is It the Right One For Your Style? Shoreland Music. This Tele includes higher-end Noisless pickups, abalone dot inlays, and aged plastic parts. Anyone have one that they like? I’d consider it to match the needs and price of an intermediate guitarist who is seeing what this guitar does. If the pennies don’t allow for the Standard, Fender’s budget, Eastern-made offshoot has some credible offerings. Looking at a couple of hundred bucks in the other direction from the Standard, is Fender’s very own American Standard Telecaster. To reflect our commitment, we updated our terms and conditions. Rick Graham gets analytical. Can anyone tell me anything particular about this model? Reviews. I opted to listen to the Tele through a 50 watt, 2×12 hybrid amp. Moving to the overdrive channel, with the gain set to five, and you’re rocking. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Fender Standard Telecaster user reviews. Since some kids just don’t know how to grow up, he continues to write about guitars because you can do that these days. So what do you get for your extra dollars? Choosing a Telecaster. Plugging into the amp’s clean channel, and the stock Telecaster pickups are a little buzzier than I’d like. La mienne est noire avec un manche tout érable (avec quelques flammes: cool). At G&L, Leo developed the ASAT guitars, which were clearly a direct descendant of his earlier work. Well, there are a few little bits that justify the cost. The Telecaster quickly became the guitar of its age, propelling the status of the solid-body electric guitar from novelty to the defining instrument of popular music. Very Good. The neck pickup – again with the tone rolled off, and maybe even the volume – is great for rock solos. If that matches your approach to playing, the Standard Tele is definitely a good fit before taking the leap into professional level instruments. With such solid construction, you can see why seasoned players would take the Mexican Tele and upgrade the pickups to make a nicer sounding guitar. It intensifies the buzzing, but that just means you need to get playing. Maple Valley, WA, United States. After that, the chrome hardware all looks right and sturdy. Fretboard radius? Shipped From. An ever popular choice amongst indie guitarists and country players alike, the Standard Telecaster is an aspiration of many guitarists, so when they’ve overcome getting their fingers around chord shapes and are ready to invest in a better instrument, it’s a popular choice. It’s always going to be difficult to write about something that’s so revered in the industry, mostly because they’ve been around a long time, but let’s take a look at this anyway. There’s nothing to fault with that neck joint. There’s a reassuring brightness that you come to expect from a Telecaster, evident from some strumming before it even goes into the amp. Fender Standard Telecaster [2009-2018] - "Wicked sound for a starter set" 04/25/14. Write a user review Ask for a user review. ●      Getting a genuine Fender in your guitar arsenal, ●      It lacks any wow factor – but that’s the whole point. In my search for a new telecaster, I have come across a nice used American Standard from 2005. Fender has been doing this a long time, so needless to say, their best practice is nailed by now. By Danny Trent It’s all very much, well… standard! The body has had a little bit of contouring for comfort; the pickups come from Fender’s Custom Shop and it includes Fender’s Micro-Tilt function. The ASAT Deluxe, from their Tribute series, has some pretty notable differences from the Fender family ones. It can be modded for metal and jazz, but a guitar tone that fits in with four genres, as mentioned, might indicate that it’s close to perfection. These humbuckers are coil tapped for getting single coil sounds, but still, humbuckers. With this adaptability in mind, it makes a lot of sense for intermediate guitarists to take a look at the no-fuss Tele, particularly those who are either still trying to work out their own style, or those who want to apply their learning across a range of styles. Learn more about us and how we approach our editorial reviews. Buying Guide. There’s a tiny bit of fret buzz, but that’s really nothing a set up wouldn’t resolve. Epiphone Casino Coupe Review [2020]: Should You Buy It? The neck pickup by itself is an odd beast. Whilst Squier are cheaper guitars, there are plenty of debates raging questioning their quality against a Fender. Quick Responder. It’s made with Fender’s C profile, and a smooth finish, which is alleged to allow comfort for contemporary playing styles. A Review of the 2012-2014-Era Fender American Standard Telecaster As ubiquitous as Fender Telecasters are, I suppose it is a rather odd thing for me to have played for decades, including playing studios sessions, but to have never owned a Tele. Quick Shipper. Oops, looks like you forgot something. How do you get specific about the tones of a guitar that sounds like most things? 2020 . This includes the pickups, which, combined with the alder body, is where the familiar Tele twang comes from. Electric Guitars. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Your purchases also help protect forests, including trees traditionally used to make instruments. The finish along the edges of the fingerboard are clean and smooth. The tricky thing about reviewing a Telecaster, or any of its derivatives from other brands, is that the reason its design has stood the test of time is its simplicity. Quite frankly, running through the specs of the Squier, it’s not difficult to see why it’s contentious. I’ll do my best. I love the shoulders and the leverage i can get for bending. Danny grew up playing anything that looked like a guitar. Fender Highway One Telecaster 2003 - 2005. There are 21 shiny frets, and black dot inlays embedded in said fingerboard. It’s easy to frown upon Mexican-made guitars, but Fender wouldn’t continue doing it if the quality of the instruments leaving the factory there would compromise the brand. Like most long-lasting guitar models, the Tele has seen its share of variations and specialty models come off the line since the early '50s. Fender American Standard Telecaster review For 2008, Fender discontinues the American Series and reinvents the American Standard £879; $1469.99; By Music Radar Team 19 March 2008. The main difference is the use of alnico V pickups, which apparently delivers a more vintage-voiced tone. While some players are happy to get the Standard and upgrade the pickups, others may prefers to just spend the money on an American. Firstly, it’s made in the USA, so you’re looking at a different level of quality and craftsmanship. Your purchases help youth music programs get the gear they need to make music. Our Verdict. Watch. Our writing team has deep experience in the musical space, specifically with guitars and “other lutes”. Anyone have one that didn't like? Cranking the volume brings it to just a nice breaking point for some blues licks and solos. This is going to be a fun part of the review to consider. I always feel bad reviewing a Fender without acknowledging Leo Fender’s work after he left the company. Solid Body. Essentially where it all began for mass production of electric guitars, with a design that has remained true to itself over the years. Starting in 1988, the main American-made Telecaster was renamed the American Standard Telecaster to avoid confusion with those built in Japan and Mexico.Years of Production: 1951 - presentBody Style: Single cutaway solid-bodyWood Composition: Ash or Alder body, Maple neck, Maple fingerboardDesign Elements:  Two single-coil pickups, white pickguard, volume and tone controls, 25 1/2-inch scale lengthNotable Tele Players: Keith Richards, Merle Haggard, Johnny Greenwood, James Burton.

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