Ajumma Republic Korean BBQ marinade sauce have been inspired by generations of authentic Korean cuisine. 1 Marinate 1 lb beef, 4 oz Ajumma Republic Korean BBQ Sauce, and your choice of chopped vegetables for 30 minutes in the refrigerator. Ajumma Republic Korean Spicy BBQ sauce … Product Code: KOR123 Size: 12x100g Layer: 17 Pallet: 119 Origin: Korea Inner Barcode: 8801791500234 Show Barcode Outer Barcode: 18801791500231 Show Barcode Description. This old-fashioned Korean sauce is made from fresh and quality ingredients to deliver a rich … https://www.essenceofthailand.com/AJRKoreanSpicyBBQSauce100g.html 3 … Ajumma Republic Spicy BBQ Sauce. 2 Stir fry the ingredients and add sesame oil for a richer flavour.

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