They decide to speed the train over the bridge anyway, and it collapses right after they get over. He does not realize that because he is a Christian, he is forbidden to enter; in addition, he enters it with shoes on, which is also not allowed. During the few hours before their planned departure for Calcutta on the Great India Peninsula Railway, Passepartout visits a Hindu temple on Malabar Hill, unaware that Christians are forbidden to enter and that shoes are not to be worn inside. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). It takes him a long while to return, and the train leaves without them; Aouda and Fix stay behind to wait. resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. I can't go through all the rituals in the story. While at the Reform Club, he makes a bet with the other club members that it is possible to go around the world by train and steamer in just eighty days, and that he himself can do it. In a nearby village, Fogg purchases an elephant from an Indian man and hires a Parsee guide to lead them. On the train, Fogg and Passepartout meet Sir Francis Cromarty, an Englishman who lives in India. The steamer arrives in Bombay two days ahead of schedule, but the arrest warrant has not yet arrived. Copyright © 1999 - 2020 GradeSaver LLC. Fogg decides they need to use the time they have gained to try and save her, and after a number of failed efforts Passepartout disguises himself as the dead prince's corpse and manages to jump up and grab Aouda before they can throw her on the funeral pyre. From there they catch a train to New York City, where they arrive 45 minutes after departure of the ship to England. He hires a sailor to take them to Shanghai, where they can catch the steamer that will sail to San Francisco before it makes its stop in Yokohama. It is 1872 and the thought of circumnavigating the globe in that period of time would seem at best a longshot and to most an impossibility. Around the World in 80 Days essays are academic essays for citation. She previously worked on the Britannica Book of the Year and was a member... What was Arthur Conan Doyle’s actual profession? When Phileas Fogg claims that such a journey would be possible, he is challenged to do so and sets out to prove himself right. Mr. Phileas Fogg is a wealthy man living in London who is part of the Reform Club, an elite social organization. Meanwhile, Passepartout managed to get on the steamer to Yokohama, even in his disoriented state. The novel inspired numerous attempts to travel around the world in 80 days or less, most notably by American journalist Nellie Bly in 1889–90. Not affiliated with Harvard College. The events that occur throughout the novel describe his journey around the world. Shortly before Fogg’s departure, someone resembling him had robbed a bank, and Fogg’s sudden exit leads Scotland Yard to believe that he was the bank robber. They make it to Calcutta, but are immediately arrested. Around the World in Eighty Days, French Le Tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours, travel adventure novel by French author Jules Verne, published serially in 1872 in Le Temps and in book form in 1873. As soon as they arrive in Liverpool, Fix arrests Fogg. At first they think it is because of what happened with Aouda, but actually, Fix has gotten them detained because of Passepartout breaking the law back in Bombay by entering the Hindu temple. Fogg bails them out with a large sum of money and they get on the steamer to Hong Kong. Several hours later, though, Fix learns that another man was responsible for the bank robbery, and he releases Fogg, who orders a special train. He is a Mormon missionary named Elder William Hitch, and will be giving a lecture in car no. Using a sail-powered sledge, Fogg and the others travel over snow to Omaha, Nebraska, arriving just in time to board a train to Chicago.

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