A birder s guide to coastal North Carolina. Hybridization between barred and spotted owls. 1989. While some have begun to move westward their overall preference is for thickly forested swamps in the southeast. But this attractive owl, with soulful brown eyes and brown-and-white-striped plumage, can also pass completely unnoticed as it flies noiselessly through the dense canopy or snoozes on a tree limb. Numbers vary with available suitable habitat. More than 800 North American birds at your fingertips—all for free. Download the Audubon Bird Guide App. These are small to medium sized owls that typically range from 7-10" in length and wingspans up to 24". Barred Owls do not appear to be declining, and they may well be slightly increasing, as beaver ponds are becoming more frequent. It is found in woodland habitats statewide, including suburbia. An owl heard is as good as an owl seen. III. Image: Barred Owl. Fussell, J.O. Sharp, D. U. The barred owl is named for the horizontal barring on its throat and upper breast. HATTERAS, N.C. (WAVY) — A barred owl is now healing after getting caught in a soccer field net in Buxton. Oddly enough, the Great Horned Owl is the most serious predatory threat to the Barred Owl. The great horned owl’s closest relative is the eagle owl … Range and Distribution The barred owl is found throughout North Carolina. Chapel Hill and London: The University of North Carolina Press. Auk 111:487-492. 1994. The great horned owl is the largest owl species in North Carolina. Barred Owls are also beginning to nest in wooded suburban areas, seemingly unthinkable a few decades ago. Barred Owl. The species occurs essentially statewide but is relatively scarce in the mountains. Try imitating the call with your own voice and then wait quietly. 1994. Photo: Mark Peck/Great Backyard Bird Count. The barred owl is also found statewide, but is more typical of swamps, floodplains and moist woodlands. The North American range of this species extends from Newfoundland, southern Quebec, and Saskatchewan south to Texas and Florida. Hamer, T. E., et al. At least, that's what you can tell yourself the next time you eavesdrop on one but can't actually spot it (they are great at camouflage). They also have distinctive tufts of feathers on the top of their heads which can make them look like miniature versions of Horned Owls. The Screech Owl commonly found in North Carolina is the Eastern Red Screech Owl. Who cooks for you-all?” is a classic sound of old forests and treed swamps. The Barred Owl is the second largest owl in North America. Found in abundance in Southeastern, US the Barred Owl has in recent years began moving northwestward to the Pacific Northwest. The Barred Owl’s hooting call, “Who cooks for you? If you’re lucky, a Barred Owl will fly in to investigate you.

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