In addition to academics, students can enrich their studies with internships, study abroad opportunities, and more. Johns Hopkins has met and exceeded my expectations. The professors are amazing, classes push you and challenge former beliefs, and the community becomes family. I am grateful for this amazing undergraduate institution! I'm thoroughly enjoying this program. The classes were small and intimate and I felt comfortable and engaged and the content was right on target with my expectations. Classes at MIT are indeed difficult, with homework and associated studying consuming a large chunk of time. No other university is this connected between current students and alumni. I come from a very small town in Maryland. Purdue University's West Lafayette, Indiana, campus is the main campus in the Purdue University system, which encompasses four other campuses throughout the state. And the food is absolutely amazing here, so that’s a huge plus! Students raise money for pediatric cancer research and awareness throughout the year and participate in a 46-hour dance marathon - no sitting or sleeping allowed. Furthermore, the community is excellent. I've never had support like that in my life from anyone. There is little to no social hierarchy that I've noticed (Football players aren't treated differently from comp sci geeks), making it so that anyone can be friends with anyone. I was able to explore science, technology, engineering and mathematics with peers who were similarly passionate. Login. Professors were, for the most part, understanding when things came up. Cornell University, a private school in Ithaca, New York, has 14 colleges and schools. NYU is definitely not where you'll find the typical college experience. I come from a very small town in Maryland. Notable alumni include John Cappelletti, a Heisman Trophy winner and former NFL player; and Valerie Plame Wilson, former CIA agent and author. I am middle class. It's like being in an actual class, but at home. The list is beneficial for the students who wish to improve and upgrade their education further. That can make it extremely easy to meet people in an intellectual sense but somewhat difficult to meet in a social sense. Carnegie Mellon University, a private institution in Pittsburgh, is the country’s only school founded by industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. The professors are amazing, classes push you and challenge former beliefs, and the community becomes family. It was the first school to provide disability access to all university services, curricula and facilities. There is never a dull day, even in the general education courses! Notable alumni include Pulitzer Prize-winning film critic Roger Ebert and the co-founder of YouTube, Steve Chen. The school's newspaper for faculty and staff, The Whistle, is named for the steam whistle in the Tech Tower that blows in intervals with the campus class schedule, and each time the Yellow Jackets score a touchdown. Highly recommend! I would like to recommend Georgia Tech(GT) to prospective student due to several attractive experiences. I have found the environment to be challenging but collaborative and not competitive at all. I am proud to attend USC, where academics, athletics and alumni blend together making the ultimate college experience!Read 3,715 Reviews, Sophomore: The campus life is academically and socially vibrant, with trendy restaurants and cafes mingling with professors who are at the forefront of their research. Every teacher, student, and dean is so incredibly passionate about the work and everyone is constantly striving to be better which makes the University an amazing place and experience! JEE Main College Predictor New. They are outstanding across the board.Read 1,188 Reviews, Niche User: I loved visiting caltech! More students, about 25%, play in Texas A&M intramural sports leagues, one of the largest programs in the country. It even has the best weather!And don't forget about the grad programs. 2021 Best Colleges for Computer Engineering in Ohio. I was able to make a few lifelong friends too! A critical mass of the student body falls within the specified group, low and middle income students pay a reasonable net price, the school participates in tuition relief programs for veterans, and the school's overall Niche Grade is above a B-. The campus encourages students to present their research across the nation at various conferences. I never realized how much people can inspire you until I came here. The sooner that you learn to use this coping tool, the better life will role out the red carpet for you--just don't forget to give back and pay it all forward. As a rising sophomore, the dorm food was amazing. The professors are very knowledgeable. Computer Science Engineering Colleges in Andhra Pradesh. Selectivity based on acceptance rate. While I do not regret doing the things I did do, I do wish I had more than 24 hours in a day so I could do even more! They give opportunities to advance in your desired career field, as well as be there in a new environment. It’s divided into 13 schools and colleges, the biggest of which is the College of Liberal Arts. Highly recommend!Read 1,384 Reviews, Freshman: The thing that stood out to me about the University of Notre Dame was my professors! Wofford has given me so many experiences and opportunities that I doubt I would have found anywhere else. Remember, don't expect the world to know what you want and need, you have to ask for help. Ready to be an Aggie? Extra ambitious students can pursue both types of honors. Computer Science Engineering Colleges in India - Get list of top B.Tech/M.Tech/B.E private or government Computer Science engineering institutes in India along with name of college… The houses each had their own personality, and cool traditions! Best Computer Science Colleges in UK. It's like being in an actual class, but at home. The ranking compares the top computer science schools in the U.S. Read more on how this ranking was calculated. You name it, Stanford does it and does it brilliantly. NYU is definitely not where you'll find the typical college experience. My advice is if you want to date, you should learn how to meet people at NYU.Financial aid is difficult to obtain, but I was a Veteran, and the government paid my tuition, so that was not my struggle.Read 1,231 Reviews, Junior: Brown University has been an incredible experience and has allowed me to pursue passions that I wasn't even aware I was interested in! I enjoyed the campus life., I felt very welcomed onto the college campus! Even though I tried to manage my expectations, they were disappointed. I was also able to obtain a research assistant position as a freshman and was able to meet directly with the department chair which was thrilling. The mix of academics, clubs and outdoor activities, and social scene is (in my opinion) unparalleled. Enrollment for full-time undergraduates. Students can participate in more than 1,000 clubs and organizations or in the sizable UT Greek system. Across the street from campus is State College, a bustling small town with an array of coffee shops, restaurants, shops and bars populated mostly by students. WashU offers a number of classes in various legal fields. The location of the school is amazing and the dorms are probably better than most other colleges in the country, and the dining halls are pretty good too!Read 5,281 Reviews, Junior: Wofford has been a wonderful home away from home! Everyone is academically driven, and I feel like I can have an intellectual conversation with anyone on campus. I never realized how much people can inspire you until I came here.

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