Good ol’ RVox. 9 Best Vocoder Plugins for Vocal Mayhem; Best Flute VSTs: Top 7 Plugins for 2020; Best Ableton Plugins: Top 9 VST’s; Best Limiter Plugins: Top 9 for Mixing and Mastering; Best Rhodes VST’s: 6 Plugins You Should Try; Best Compressor Plugins: Top 9 Picks; Best Waves Plugins… The combination of usability and high quality output makes it a must have for many. Drum Compressor, Vocal Compressor, Limiter, etc. On the other hand, the Low cut, Tighten, and the Bass knob compliment the Pres Comp in taking out muddy frequencies without the vocal sounding too thin. The fixed value, single slider compressor that’s been around longer than some of the people using it. There’s a reason the Universal Audio Teletronix LA-2A has been rated as one of the best compressor plugins on the market. This is definitely one of the best vocal compressor plugins on the market today. As this is just a vocal compressor, the amount of compression parameters isn’t that high, and this plugin certainly lacks the versatility of some other plugins on this list. The Pres Compressor knob helps in bringing out the clarity of a vocal, so, by turning up the gain of the Pres Comp brings out the presence in the vocal along with giving it a smooth compression. Gain Reduction 2 from JST is focused solely on vocal compression, with some additional features for perfecting your vocal tracks. I am not going to lie — to this day it is still one of the best compressors, particularly for vocals, ever made. It’s an “opto” style compressor that adds … The best VST compressor plugins 2020 1.

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