Without the gas side, you would have to wait a good deal of time to get your charcoal grill up from low roasting temps, to high searing temps. You want to buy a grill that comes with a height-adjustable grate on the charcoal side for better heat control. You will, however, need to purchase the Char-Broil universal rotisserie separately, if required. Additionally, high lids allow more circulation of heat and smoke when cooking indirect and when slow cooking and smoking your food. You will also find a side shelf for preparation, two storage drawers, locking caster wheels to support the movement, tool hooks, and a bottle opener. When you have the whole day to spend with family and friends, then the slow and smoky charcoal-flavored option is available for a more laid-back experience. This is one debate we just might never hear the end of because there is no right answer. Best Gas Charcoal Combo Grills – Top Dual Fuel BBQs in 2020. The larger the group, the bigger the grill needed. The primary cooking area has 750 square inches of space, with 6 porcelain coated cat iron grates. Sorry, but I can’t help with this one. I love cooking outdoors over live fire and smoke whatever the weather, using various grills, smokers, and wood-fired ovens to produce epic food. There’s also a 12,000 BTU side burner for cooking in pots and pans, or for lighting your charcoal chimney, that has a cover so you prep food on it if it’s not in use. For its size, the gas grill doesn’t have the highest amount of power. This chamber has air vents to facilitate controllable air flow. Light all three gas burners and shut the lid. But Member’s Mark (Sam’s Club brand) does offer a hybrid gas and pellet grill. This goes hand in hand with ease of access to the charcoal chamber. Adjustable grates allow you to control the amount of heat directed at your food. There are 3 independently controlled burners totaling 30,000 BTU, plus a 10,000 BTU side burner with a cover so if not in use, can be used as a work / prep table. Some lid handles can get very hot, depending on the materials they’re made of. The charcoal side comes with a height adjustable system to allow you better control over your cooking, something missing from many models and an absolute godsend for temperature control. This should go without saying. Whether electronic or battery, having a reliable ignition system is important. How many cooking chambers does the grill have? In addition, you can use the gas option to cook food quickly for those who want their meals out fast, while anyone who wants charcoal flavor in their food can bide their time as it absorbs the smoky aroma on the other side. It is a bit more pricey and I’ve had trouble tracking a store that stocks them. This hybrid grill measures 66 x 22 x 45 inches, weighs 150 pounds and provides over 800 square inches of cooking surface, allowing you to cook large amounts of food. A grill with a charcoal chamber that is hard to access will be messier and harder to clean. Pit Boss Memphis Ultimate 4-in-1 LP Gas Charcoal Smoker, Oklahoma Joe’s Charcoal/LP Gas/Smoker Hybrid, Backyard Grill 3 Burner Gas/Charcoal Combo, Smoke Hollow SH5000 Gas/Charcoal Grill With Smoker, Char-Griller 5050 Duo Charcoal and Gas Grill, Char-Broil Gas2coal 3-Burner Propane And Charcoal Hybrid Grill. It will come in handy when you want to grill an entire chicken or large chunks of meat, with which small shallow lids don’t allow enough vertical space. Want to know more about this product? It comes unassembled, but in most cases, the cooking area is usually pre-assembled. For example, burners may have a five-year warranty while other parts are only covered for one or two years. Functional, adjustable heat charcoal chamber. Well, hybrids are quite large, and I know it’s already been mentioned, but it’s very important that you think about how much space you can spare in your yard. Note: Clicking the above links will take you to further information, current prices and customer reviews on Amazon. Thirdly, Hybrid grills can be extremely convenient when you’re having a cookout with lots of family members or friends. With smoky flavors coming out of every burner, plus a large cooking area, you will be hooked in no time. Multiple dampers to control heat and temperature. Unless you own the small portable type, most gas grills are large and take up a lot of room in your backyard. Almost everyone out there says “You get what you pay for.” While that may be true, you should always set out to ensure you get value for your money. For the record: These are mostly grills, not smokers. Mastbuilt The Masterbuilt Pro Dual Fuel gas powered smoker is marketed as being also a charcoal smoker. Want to be the envy of your friends and family? Though one thing that stands out to me is that it looks like it is constructed of stainless steel. It can be easy to overspend! Investing in a combo grill saves you a good few dollars when compared to the cost of purchasing two separate, like for like grills. We will answer every one. With over 2,100 square inches of cooking space, you can entertain family and large parties. It stands out in terms of functionality, quality and durability. It is delivered unassembled, so once you take everything out of the box, be sure to check that all parts are there. It also has a second side shelf on the other side for preparing your food. One unique feature is the glass-doored electric smoker. The process shouldn’t take more than 2-3 hours, after which you’ll be the grill king of the neighborhood. These hybrid grills can be used separately, or at the same time, and can run at different temperatures. The manufacturer built it in such a way that you can easily switch from one fuel option to the other. A warranty is an assurance from the manufacturer that they are willing to stand by their product. There’s a 36,000 BTU 3 burner gas grill, a 12,000 BTU side burner for pots and pans, and that can also be used to light a charcoal chimney before pouring into the charcoal cooking chamber for quickly getting to cooking temps. There is a front air intake and rear chimney exhaust for air flow (and to channel smoke through and out), and each section has a built in thermometer so you can monitor the temperatures at which you’re cooking. The charcoal grill is fantastic. A smaller footprint than others on this list, so good for smaller spaces. No air vents for heat and temperature control. It’s great for the times when you only want to spend a short time cooking an outdoor meal, giving you more leisure time with your partner and the kids. The reality is that this isn't all that dissimilar from the Masterbuilt GS40 Gas Smoker. Flavorizer bars are inverted V-shaped steel bars that can be found beneath the cooking grates. With a total cooking space of 1,260 square inches, this thing is a beast and an excellent option for a family or a small group. The grill features a 1,060-square-inch total cooking surface, which is ideal for most occasions, whether it’s a small family get together or a large party. The Dyna-Glo dual fuel grill is well thought out and has lots of features which aren’t typically found in hybrids. There is a 310 square inch cooking surface in the firebox chamber. For the outdoor cooking enthusiast looking for a durable, well-constructed grill/smoker cooker that offers lots of cooking space, this just might be the hybrid for you. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links on this page. These work together to enable heat retention and even heat distribution, ensuring that your food cooks well. Note: If you click a link on this page, then go on to make a purchase, we may receive a commission but at no extra cost to you. Feel free to leave them in the comments. The time frame on the warranty will differ depending on the parts. Don’t forget any side tables or prep space also has to be taken into account when measuring up. To find out more about this product, plus the latest prices, click here.

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