Chapter 001 - 「 La Sangre Vuelve 」| "The Blood Returns". ButWhyTho: When did you first encounter JoJo in English? While I did improve over that time, it was never my sole source of income or my full-time job. While it's not an actual part of the story, it was a great learning experience, and I'll be using the test scene as a base of quality to work from: techniques/methods, workflow, and organization. Jojo Blood Sun Vendetta is a totally free PNG image with transparent background and its resolution is 1000x514. ButWhyTho: So Mick my diehard Jojo buddy would kill me if I didn’t ask, who’s your favorite JoJo? 99.9% sure to be used as the intro to Blood Sun Vendetta. My goal and challenge have been to incorporate all these elements without contradicting the established (albeit changing) canon. The biggest challenge has been trying to tell a JoJo story that bridges the first 4 arcs without breaking the lore. Blood Sun Vendetta Gal. But the bulk of my time has been dedicated to a personal animation project: Blood Sun Vendetta, a fan-made motion-comic based in the world Hirohiko Araki’s JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures. This is a personal passion project, one that I decided to undertake whether folks wanted to support it or not. Play video games and read manga. I can’t wait to watch the series! A disgraced archeologist seeks to redeem his reputation by locating an ancient Mesoamerican artifact he's spent his life seeking. This is the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure subreddit, and while the subreddit is … To pay the bills, I still take on a number of odd commissions for website design, video editing, animation, and script writing. Dragon ball was the big hitter at the time. I have little connection to Johnny (Gyro clearly being the star). Though animation will be limited, due to BSV being a motion-comic. Mick: The official website for the project is here. However, I have a suspicion that during the creation of Parts 1 and 2, Araki had either never been or had limited exposure to Mexico, despite it being the origin point of the entire series, details of location and culture were either basic or none existent. All the while, across the ocean, a small Japanese city is … 2018-2019. If you wanna help support the project, here's some ways. Set in Mexico,  Blood Sun Vendetta is a bizarre adventure with colorful stands, beautiful art and plenty of Concha. A long-time favorite of mine, Jotaro was the most bad-ass character around stoic, cool, unstoppable. I quickly went back and read through Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency, while they weren’t my favorite, I still recall enjoying them. You might know him better as “RicePirate”, the name he goes by on Youtube and Newgrounds. Level [I] Skill Books Cannot be crafted. As for English localized manga chapters, it was just this past year that I cranked through the entirety of the published JJBA. Mick: That was the purpose of the trip (and hopefully future trips), not to “correct an oversight” so much as to flush out a part of the world of JoJo that Araki wasn’t able to explore at the time. What’s it like building an original story in JoJo? We discuss several topics, including his influences, his history with the Jojo IP, and even his own bizarre adventure as a creative. Besides a number of commercial animation projects I took on, the majority of my animations were short parodies or experimental collaborations. Blood Sun Vendetta (BSV) will be a fan-made motion-comic series. — Blood Sun Vendetta Gal. A Geek Community on Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Did building in his sandbox make things easier, harder, or something in between? For the past year animator Mick Lauer has been hard at work on something amazing. Mick: BSV is a fan-made motion-comic based in the world of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures. I don’t think Josuke or Gio were ever my favorites, as much as I like them. 255 votes, 16 comments. 22. The current Josuke of part 8 is (I’m sorry to say) pretty blah to me, I don’t feel much of a personality at all with him. ButWhyTho: You’ve definitely got a grasp on that JoJo‘s magic, but what impresses me the most is how naturally you’re incorporating Mexican Culture. There were no English translations back then and I was reading at about a 2nd/3rd grade level. So what’s this motion comic about? As a pre-teen, Jotaro was immediately the coolest. When I joined Newgrounds the username I created was “RicePirate”, and it would become the crux of my online identity. Go ahead. And while Youtube is certainly where many people will likely find Blood Sun Vendetta, I’ll be posting the videos to Newgrounds and Facebook as well. We’ve seen him grow so much (and yet so little, in the best of ways), following him for 3 arcs. The focus for 2019 will be to continue developing a fan-made JoJo's Bizarre Adventure motion-comic: Blood Sun Vendetta. Ricepirate on the web. A Geek Community. ButWhyTho: You clearly love the series, but how did you first get started with JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure? A Sun God of Bliss in Ignorance It was worshipped by Jorazzi Redhand and the Wizards of Gore It was notorious for raining blood. Every patron helps to make the project a reality. For all the folks at home, what the heck is “Blood Sun Vendetta“? Which leaves Joseph, who currently is my favorite. I sat down with Mick " Ricepirate " Lauer to have a little chat about Blood Sun Vendetta- an original Jojo Fanimanga that he's been working on for the last two years. So, ya, Joseph. Obviously, with additional support, I can focus more of my effort on completing the project, hiring others to help expedite the production process, even paying the voice actors. Posted by 10 months ago. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. W]hich is totally fine. Powers were clearly telegraphed with the visuals, which made understanding the series much easier. Stories like Battle Tendency that were heavy on explanation were sometimes lost on me. Blood Sun Vendetta - Chapter 000 Chapter 000 - 「 A Non-Canon Test Scene 」 Katrina, en route to José, has a run-in with some ne're-do-wells. Blood Sun Vendetta: JoJo Meets Mexico with Mick Lauer of RicePirate. But I gotta ask, how the heck are you paying for this thing? So that begs the question you asked; how the hell do I fund this thing? This Jojo Blood Sun Vendetta is high quality PNG picture material, which can be used for your creative projects or simply as a decoration for your design & website content. Jolyne is an epic bad-ass, basically the younger more spirited Jotaro (so she’s up there). Mick: I’ve lived a couple of different lives before my time as an animator. Chapter 003 - 「 Hijo del Caballo: Part 1 」, Chapter 004 - 「 Hijo del Caballo: Part 2 」, Chapter 005 - 「 Sangre en el desierto: Part 1 」, Created by Ricepirate (Mick Lauer) . The main protagonist is José Hijo de Caballo, a bastard child of Part 3 “Stardust Crusaders” villain Hol Horse. ButWhyTho: Araki’s worlds are…well, bizarre! As a bonus, knowing them (and knowing how fans likely are familiar as well), also gives me opportunities to pitch curveballs, which in some way evens the playing field for both audiences knowledgeable and new to JoJo. Its victims' blood is believed to turn the Haunted Shore red in Earth Season Sources: Guide to Glorantha ButWhyTho: You’ve got one up on Araki there. I’m half Taiwanese, and every Summer since I was around 5 we’d visit Taipei. Blood Sun Maya Calendar A riff off the Maya Calendar, includes a some references from Blood Sun Vendetta but mostly includes a bunch of JJBA (Parts 1-4) imagery hidden through out. But when we finally moved to Taiwan in the early 90’s, the market was full of great manga. ButWhyTho: So let’s dig in and stare straight into the Blood Sun Vendetta. Later in the series, “Battle Tendency” (Part 2) has the audience return to Mexico, where Speedwagon and Straizo not only discover more masks but a Pillar Man. Where can people go to see more about your trip and all the things Blood Sun Vendetta? I have yet to mention that I had been reading them all in Chinese. yakpuu. From there until the end of the arc, little to no mention of Mexico is made. ButWhyTho: José Hijo de Caballo…ahhh I see what you did there! Used with permission from Phoenix Rising. Check out SharkRobot for shirts, posters to come. The details of the locations and the specifics of the cultures are so clear. After watching your animation test, I think I’m in love!

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