Add tomato sauce and minced chili peppers. I’ll make the sauce tomorrow and gift with it the people around, at least those who say they’ll miss us at Christmas. Stunning photos, as usual . Refrigerate extras and use within 2-4 days. And what is a head of garlic? Take 2 3T of the chilli mix and add 1T sour cream for a bammmm steak sauce. They always welcome our little spice packed jars with open arms and we’re always thrilled to be the different kids on the block, passing out something other than sweets. Soy sauce will work fine for a substitute or if you feel like being experimental your guess of vegan Worcestershire sauce and soy sauce is great too. One thing to note re T. The size of a tablespoon varies depending on country. You can adapt it to your spice tolerance level! this sounds like something I would LOVE. Finger licking good, and sensational. Thank you. Recipe: Chili Garlic Fermented Hot Sauce Whenever we have a spare moment in the kitchen, you’ll find us experimenting with hot sauce. The Salt is Responsible for Breaking Down (Decomposing if you will) the Chili Peppers, and beginning to convert the Chili Peppers into Consumable Sugars. I’ll only say that they’re brilliant, and absolutely mouth watering, and artistically sophisticated, and rustic plenty to address the nature of the food you present, and on and on and on, because, as you might have already picked up on it, I love how you present your fare. This will break down the chili peppers and soften them to create the smooth consistency. Guys, my taste buds can’t wait to try this sauce and if mine turns out too hot like yours….. well there’s always a cold beer ( or two ) in the fridge! Required fields are marked *. Protect yourself by breathing through your mouth! The smaller the cut, the smoother your final sauce will be. This looks perfect for the thoughtful homemade gift I have yet to make. Which is Necessary for the Fermentation Process. I always grow chilies in our greenhouse because they look so pretty. When using your homemade chili garlic sauce, your imagination is the limit. We have a harvest of habaneros waiting to be cooked into the next batch and this one was made with a Thai-like chili. We have. Won’t you get some fermentation with this recipe? I’m enjoying that. . LOVE that red on gray!!! Is this recipe pressure can-able for shelf stable storage? Would love to try this recipe. I used Japanese chili’s. Then it will produce an incredible burning pain that will lead to congestion like you’ve never known before. This recipe doesn’t say how much fish sauce. Unlike the commercial stuff, this recipe doesn’t rely on sodium benzoate, a preservative that some people avoid due to its possible connection with hyperactivity in children and which, in combination with vitamin c (which chili peppers contain) produces the known carcinogen benzene. I love the Vietnamese chili garlic sauce but with this recipe as a base one can play with different chili’s and find all kinds of hidden gems. All we did was add more fried garlic to take the  flavor level up 5 knotches. And I say the more untraditional the gift the better, if untraditional is hot sauce and kim chi. 19 Chilli Hot Sauce Recipes To Bring Some Spice To Your Life I’ll have to pick up some chili’s and give this a try. I cant imagine anyone using the entire gift amount in a week and think it might just be OK for a bit longer. These oils don’t wash off easily, which means once they’re on your hands, it’s only a matter of time before you rub your eye or nose and wind up in tears. Blot dry with paper towel. Asparagus Bacon Spring Rolls Recipe Here. I planted garlic for the first time this past fall. Lots of fumes. Now that is something I would like to have when it is cold. One of the Asian greens vendors had cut back his chilis and was selling huge bunches for $4. Thanks! Turn stove onto the lowest heat setting and let the oil warm gently on the stove for 4-5 minutes. I ♥ your pictures. I looked up how to mince chillis and it says to remove seeds, but that’s the hot part! Chili and spice is everything nice for all our food friends. To use, scoop up some of the garlic and chili bits (in addition to the oil). Process until finely chopped, adding additional vinegar as needed to reach desired consistency. Each fall I harvest basketloads and am never sure what to do with them all. Granted, we have our traditional fudge that we’ll make for family who are out of state, but fudge is really the only sweet gift we pass on with a red bow attached. Cayenne may be a bit grassy and harsh, but the Thais and Habaneros both would be excellent, but each giving a different flavor. A dollop of chili garlic sauce adds the slow-burn heat and umami so often missing from take-out fake-out recipes. But if you’re a garlic fiend and want to add more pop to the hot sauce, just add as much garlic as you want to handle. Kelli- as long as your jars are sterilized and clean, the hot sauce should certainly last for over a week. The vibrant, off-the-vine taste is undeniably terrific. It’s the easiest and best hot sauce recipe ever. The smaller the cut, the smoother your final sauce will … Used it in a sesame noodle recipe. ©2020 White On Rice Couple. I make 1/2 mine as a salsa then blend the other 1/2 into a sauce consistency. Your email address will not be published. Pulse a few times until well-combined. Vinegar is a By-product of allowing something to Ferment for too long, and is Generally added AFTER the Fermentation Process is Complete otherwise, your Fermentation Process is Disrupted and the Pickling Process Begins. Just today, I’ve spotted the basket of fresh Thai chilies I picked up at the local Chinese market. Hope it turned out well! Whew! Seasonally, making our chili hot sauces is always on perfect timing. Enjoy! I had already planned to grow lots of garlic next summer because the garlic from my local farmstand blew the stuff in the supermarket far away. We’ve been quite unconventional over the last few years when it comes to gift giving. Design by WORC & Purr. Our more unconventional holiday gift is giving our homemade sriracha hot sauce and kim chi. We didn’t want to waste our home grown tomato sauce, so we ended up using a leftover can in the pantry. What do you mean by c? I haven’t made any by scratch. So, wear a pair of powder-free nitrile gloves or, if you don’t have any, slather your hands with butter before you begin working. Your email address will not be published. I have one question though. Project to keep my sane during quarantine…, Now I’ve just stumbled across the fermented recipe and going to do this the following week…. This was great! (about 100 grams). Taking a deep breath through your nose at that point might clear your sinuses momentarily, as it did mine. Set peppers on a baking sheet and sprinkle with 2 tablespoons olive oil.

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