or this site may be reproduced without prior written permission. Bill is the dad of The Woks of Life family. Check the head and gills. If you love Chinese recipes and wish to make more Chinese-style recipes, head over to my Chinese recipes category to learn more. It’s fixed. Chinese steamed fish is just so delicious! Once you have your steaming arrangement worked out, it is really easy to prepare and will impress your family and guests. If you have older Chinese guests, they may very well go for the fish head. 6. Time and again, my worldwide web pursuits for solid recipes that I know my family will eat has landed me back here.”. Give the cilantro a rough chop and set that aside as … 4. I’ll have to do some research. gives it a nice deep taste, but not over the top. As a result, you should keep exploring and try your best to steam a delicious fish for your family or your own! Next, carefully pour off all of the liquid accumulated on the plate from steaming and spread half of the ginger, the green portions of the scallions, and the cilantro over the fish. You may also see a membrane that you should pierce and cut, revealing a blood line near the bone. This is how to cook steamed fish stuffed with ginger, garlic and sprinkled soya sauce. Older Chinese folks who like dining on the fish head will appreciate this step. In Conclusion, Chinese Steamed Fish is a traditional food for Chinese people. Omg this recipe tastes exactly like the Cantonese restaurants I ate at growing up. Trust me on this one!). Sometimes, I can just eat bowls and bowls of white rice with the soy sauce. 2. As you can see from the picture above, my steamed red cod (红斑鱼) looks like it’s straight from Shang Palace. Check the head and gills. Ingredients 1 ½ pounds halibut, cut into 4 pieces 3 medium (4-1/8" long)s green onions, cut into 3 inch lengths 2 medium (blank)s fresh mushrooms, sliced 6 leaves napa cabbage, sliced into 4 … So many memories of the comfort foods I grew up with. At Chinese restaurants, fish is often sold by the pound since they vary in size, and it is not unusual for a 1 ½ pound striped bass to cost $30 or more. (about 1 ½ lbs/680g, cleaned; see instructions), (finely julienned with green and white parts separated), Pan Fried Fish: Chinese Whole Fish Recipe, Steamed Fish w/ Spicy Bean Sauce (Douban Yu). Thanks so much! These bones are long on the striped bass and sea bass, and can be pushed aside. I’ve found that kids especially love the sauce over rice! Wait for the water to boil. Nothing on the fresh fish before steaming! Repeat. Remove any scales from your fish using a serrated steak knife. Spoon the entire mixture evenly over the fish and serve hot! Well, let me tell you, she loved it and came back for seconds. Heat 2 tablespoons oil and the other half of the ginger in a saucepan until the ginger begins to sizzle. Next, add the water, salt, sugar, light soy sauce or seasoned soy sauce, and fresh ground white pepper. A steamed whole fish with Ginger, Scallion, Soy and cilantro is a big favorite on any Chinese table, and it’s almost always served at holiday meals and special occasions. Cut off any fins with kitchen shears. https://www.thespruceeats.com/ginger-soy-steamed-fish-recipe-695140 the bone that runs through the fish, from head to tail). To me, nothing tastes as satisfying as steamed fish with white rice, drizzled with the soy sauce from the steamed fish. Sea Bass is also a common fish used for steaming in Chinese cooking, but I’ve found the meat is not as delicate as striped bass. Should tell you my wife hates Ginger and cilantro. To accommodate that, I needed to MacGyver a steaming apparatus that would fit said plate. One warning: DO NOT THROW OUT THE FINAL PLATE AND HERB MIX/SAUCE ON THE FISH PLATE. They are pretty tough, so be careful with this step. I picked all the bones and head clean of the little iddy bits of fish, and let me tell you, it tasted wonderful as a broth/sauce on the fish and rice. The local Asian Market have no idea what I am looking for. The biggest one they had was 0.80 pounds so I figured I could risk the $1.37 the fish cost and “risk it” with a cooking failure. The recipe is fool proof. Welcome to Day 5 of cooking 15 Minute Dinners for 15 Days! While we’ve done a steamed Cantonese fish recipe in the past, it actually involved a fish fillet. I love Chinese-style steamed fish–fresh-from-the-tank live fish steamed with soy sauce and topped with shredded ginger, scallions, and cilantro leaves. As simple as it might seem, making a perfect Chinese-style steamed fish takes a lot of techniques and skills. Use a butter knife to peek at the meat and confirm the fish is cooked through. will change the nutritional information in any recipe. You may have to flip it over in two pieces. 1.Choose smaller and slim fresher fish. Julienne the scallion and ginger and set aside. I hope you have a good day! Repeat. https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/53551/chinese-style-steamed-fish 5. Lay the fish on a plate and drizzle 1 tablespoon shaoxing (or rice) wine on top of the fish. No salt, seasoning, or wine should be used on the fish before steaming. try it. Looking for more authentic recipes? ), so you can impress your friends (or perhaps your Chinese parents and/or in-laws). I always say the best way to eat fish is to eat what’s in season (and hopefully sustainable), because it will be fresh and usually less expensive. There is always some work to be done to process your fish before cooking, no matter how good your fish monger is. Give the fish a final rinse, shake off the excess water (no need to pat it dry) and transfer to a heat-proof plate for steaming. Filed Under: Chinese Recipes, Recipes Tagged With: Fish, Ginger, Seafood, Soy Sauce. (Chinese recipes, prepare authentic Chinese food now!). Give the fish a final rinse, shake off the excess water (no need to pat it dry) and transfer to a heat-proof plate for steaming. The tutorial on how to serve a Chinese steamed whole fish at the table is one-of-a-kind! There is nothing worse than having to pick out scales while you’re having dinner. Steamed fish, Chinese steamed fish recipe. Tap here to receive our FREE top 25 recipe book! 1. https://rasamalaysia.com/recipe-index-gallery/, Kuih Kodok (Malaysian Mashed Banana Fritters), 2 inches ginger, peeled and cut into thin strips, 1 stalk scallion, cut into 2-inch length, and then cut into thin silken threads, 2 tablespoons rock sugar, grind into powder form or to taste. Clean the fish properly (remove scales, guts, gills, etc.) Some restaurants also sell fresh fish from live tanks, but be prepared to pay. 5. The fish should look spectacular, so you’ll want to present it whole (it should definitely be the last dish prepared so you can serve it right away). Are you familiar with preserved cha gwa? This time, we’re really going to show you how to prepare a steamed whole fish (including how to serve it at the table! Chinese Steamed Fish is a dish that I always order when I go to seafood restaurants; I was surprised when I found out how easy it was to make it at home!In less than 15 minutes, you can prepare a delicious, authentic Chinese Steamed Fish recipe where you will for sure impress all your guests. Leave the tail and head intact for presentation. If not, you should go for the fish cheeks and the meat just behind the head. I none-the-less added both at full amount ( used half recipe for such a small fish), Figured I could make her a frozen chicken pot pie when she complained about the dish and refused to eat it. Next, add the water, salt, sugar, soy sauce, and fresh ground white pepper and heat the mixture until simmering. To me, the best part of steamed fish is the two pieces of fish cheek. Top the fish with 1/2 of the cut ginger strips. Remove any scales from your fish using a serrated steak knife. It also adds some Thai leamongrass favor which I like too.

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