And of that, wine makes up nearly half of Costco's overall alcohol sales. Costco has a handful of top-performing bottles for under $20, which you'll almost always find on the shelves. Salut, cheers, prost, geonbae, drink up, and here’s mud in your eye! You can sometimes find additional markdowns on wines — if you know where to look. Costco is known for great deals, and buying Costco beer is no exception. Rumor is that their in-house wines are made in the same vineyards as the some of the most popular name brands out there, so always flip the bottle over to see if a name, producer's stamp, or vineyard location is listed. A tad less sweet than Bailey’s and considerably less money for a bigger bottle! Obsessed with travel? Get all the best Tasty recipes in your inbox! Costco discontinued its Kirkland Signature Anejo :(. When you look online to buy this same exact bottle, other wine shops around the country sell it for $28 to $40. I also didn’t know that in some states you don’t even need a Costco card to buy alcohol in their stores, which are usually separate from their main warehouses for legal reasons. I actually tracked down the last cases before it was gone. So there you have it. ), and a 1-liter bottle of small-batch bourbon is $29.99 (hot toddy season is coming soon). In fact in May they didnt have any craft beers, just bad US domestics (Bud, Miller) and the typical Mexican mainstream beers. 750's of Duchesse De Bourgogn e for $20, Green flash 22 oz for $8, and Brooklyn 750s for $17. We did a blind taste test in our office comparing it to Bailey's and, out of seven people, only one chose the Baileys. While Costco hasn't confirmed anything, Punch Drink believes that the small batch bourbon is made by Jim Beam, the Tennessee whiskey by George Dickel, and the Canadian Whiskey by Crown Royal. Kirkland's brut and rosé champagnes are made by Champagne de Bruyne, and the grapes are harvested from their grand cru vineyard in Verzenay, France, according to Wine Spectator. This particular bottle is one of the barometers that my husband and I use to judge whether a wine store is overpriced or well-priced. Andrew Cullen, editor of the Costco Wine Blog, told the Daily Meal that if the price of a bottle ends in an unusual set of numbers (for example, $0.79 instead of $0.99), there's a good chance that means it's been marked down even further. We found that the Kirkland Irish Cream was smoother with less of an alcohol bite. That's huge — especially when many wine stores usually mark up as much as 50%. If highbrow tequila is your jam, you may want to take home a bottle of Patron Gran Piedra. Shop online at today! (Ideal for making an easy Chicken with White Wine Pan Sauce on a weeknight, a pot of Lamb Stew with White Wine, Orange and Fennel on a weekend, or a Chicken Marbella for the holidays.). For example, some liquor sleuths believe that Kirkland's Añejo Tequila is likely made by the same distillery that produces Cielo Tequila (which sells for about $40 per bottle). Bombers have been sitting there for the last few months but somewhat understandably. Shop's large selection of water & beverages to find a variety of tea, juice, soda, energy drinks & more. They also sometimes stock collector's items. It includes 24 cans of German-imported craft beer for $59.99, which shakes down to $2.50 per can. Premium quality Whiskey, Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila and much more. (Check with your local Costco to find out if that’s the case for you.). Annette Alvarez-Peters, Costco's beverage alcohol manager, told Market Watch magazine that the chain made $1.69 billion in wine sales in 2016, making it the largest wine retailer in the country. Oh, and you can buy just about every type of hard alcohol from Scotch to tequila under the Kirkland label, too. At Costco, $33.99. According to Munchies, that isn't entirely true — though the two vodkas are made with water sourced from Gensac Springs in Cognac, France. Costco can be tight-lipped about their suppliers, but you can sometimes figure out who produces Kirkland wines just by flipping over the bottle. This particular bottle is one of the barometers that my husband and I use to judge whether a wine store is overpriced or well-priced. $120 is the going rate in the New Orleans area. According to Wine Spectator, one shopper found three bottles of 2007 Screaming Eagle at a Costco in Redwood City, California. Costco sells this Brunello di Montalcino for under $20. One of our favorite Kirkland wines, is Carneros Pinot Noir. The Kirkland Malbec from Argentina is $6.99, produced especially for Costco and, according to Business Insider, their best red. And this is without taking into account the many experts and vodka drinkers who say that all vodkas basically taste the same—so hold your cash for booze with more flavor nuances. If you're a beer aficionado, you may have even heard of the breweries, called F.X. Even more surprising, Munchies explains that Kirkland vodka scored six points higher than Grey Goose in a handful of reputable blind tasting competitions. If you want to splurge, but still feel like you’re getting a deal on champagne, grab a bottle of Dom Perignon for $149.99 (often tens of dollars more).

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