Joint groups: J3 unseasoned, JD3 seasoned. Our products include – Structural framing timber – Sawn and sized F5 and F7 graded structural timber in lengths to 7.5 m; Flooring – Tongue and groove, VJ panelling and end matched timber with the option of kiln dried supplies;. 16 Moroney Place Beerwah, QLD 4519 (07) 5439 0076. 75 x 38mm to 300 x 300mm; Appearance As a durability class 1 timber, Cypress Pine possesses natural characteristics that resist both decay and termite attack for at least 25 years in ground conditions and up to 50 years in above-ground projects. Chamferboard – An assortment of different profiles and sizes are available. Posts F7 Cypress Pine. Stress grades: F4, F5, F7 (seasoned and unseasoned) when visually stress-graded according to AS 2858—2008: Timber—Softwood—Visually graded for structural purposes. Sizes Available to Order. This includes framework, posts, small poles, chamfer boards, weatherboards, flooring and decking just to name a few. Australian softwood timbers including Cypress Pine, Hoop Pine and Radiata Pine in Structural Timber, Flooring, Wooden Decking, External Cladding and Fencing and Landscape Timber are also available either Wholesale, Trade or Retail. Cypress - Natures Own Carbon Store Vic’s Timber was formed in February 1999 with owner/director Vic Gersekowski having over 30 years experience in the cypress sawmilling industry. Strength groups: S4 unseasoned, SD5 seasoned. Doonan, QLD 4562 (07) 5471 0076. Density: 675kgm 3 at 12% moisture content; about 1.5m 3 of seasoned sawn timber per tonne. Cypress is the perfect structural timber for external use. CLADDING RELATED TECHNICAL DATA SHEETS VIA TIMBER QUEENSLAND; 72 x 19: Timber Panelling Cypress and Hardwood Cladding Finishes for Exterior Timber Outdoor Timber Performance: 118 x 19 *These are our standard sizes, Please contact us to dicuss your … Cypress is a small-to-medium softwood used in many building projects. Rough Sawn F7 structural Cypress Pine posts. This material is termite resistant which is the main reason it is used for structural purposes. Imported Hardwood Timbers – Merbau – Kwila – Yellow Balau – Kapur are available. SEARCH PRODUCTS: CALL US; ... Home TimberPosts F7 Cypress Pine. Call and ask us. The Cypress Macrocarpa trees I log and sawmill are trees that were planted up to 100 years ago by farmers who were using them as windbreaks. As these trees reach such an old age, the branches break off and the trees are being blown over, causing damage to the surrounds.

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