[3] Other chasers, including Mike Bettes of The Weather Channel and Reed Timmer, were either injured or had their vehicles damaged. "[23] William Hooke, a senior policy fellow at the American Meteorological Society stated that, "[Oklahoma City] dodged a bullet...You lay that path over Oklahoma City, and you have devastation of biblical proportions. [13], At 6:03 p.m. CDT (2303 UTC), a large tornadic wall cloud formed and touched down, initially in the form of several smaller sub-vortices,[14] 8.3 miles (13.4 km) west-southwest of El Reno. [4] Overall, the tornado was responsible for eight fatalities and 151 injuries. EL RENO, Okla. — Two people have died after a tornado hit El Reno late Saturday, officials said. Anton Seimon, one of the tool's architects, said that while the tool had only been used in relation to the El Reno tornado, it could potentially be applied to future tornadoes with sufficient footage as well. An Extreme disaster declaration was signed by President Donald J. Trump on the same day allowing the state to receive federal and international aid. It is, as of February 2014, the largest such visual data set ever collected on a tornado. [44] The Oklahoma City West Livestock Market was described as a "war zone," sustaining extensive damage. "[19] The lack of EF5 damage was likely a result of the rural nature of the area, as the sub-vortices that contained the EF5 wind speeds did not impact any structures. [35] University of Oklahoma student Billy Prater, along with his father and a friend, sought refuge under an overpass (an action strongly discouraged in these situations) when the tornado changed direction. Large Scale Search and rescue operations took place in the areas immediately. Turning northeastward, the tornado soon weakened. Surveys from the National Weather Service revealed that structures in its path sustained EF3-level damage at most. El Reno is a city in and county seat of Canadian County, Oklahoma, United States. The National Weather Service referred to the tornado as "the most dangerous tornado in storm observing history. His sport utility vehicle was severely damaged, having been thrown about 200 yards (180 m); the driver was left with a broken neck, fractured vertebrae, and several broken ribs while Bettes and the other passenger sustained minor injuries. The 2020 Bridge Creek - El Reno Tornado, also known by the locals as the " The Second May 3 Tornado ", " The Second One " or " The Hypernado " was an extremely powerful EF5 Tornado in which the highest wind speeds ever measured globally were recorded at 500 miles per hour by a … He escaped a few hundred meters ahead of the TWISTEX crew and is believed to be the last person to see Samaras, his son Paul and Young. The tornado outbreak sequence of May 21–26, 2011 was one of the largest tornado outbreaks on record which affected the Midwestern and Southern regions of the United States. [7], On May 31, 2013, a prominent mid-to-upper level trough and closed mid-level low pressure area moved east-northeastward, with a lead upper low pivoting over the Dakotas and Upper Midwest region. The tornado spared El Reno and its airport from a direct hit, tracking just south of those locations. [8] The most intense severe weather activity was expected across the southern Great Plains, specifically central and eastern Oklahoma, during the afternoon hours. [47][49], On June 1, the American Red Cross set up a shelter at the Redlands Community College in El Reno for victims of the storm. [23][24] The main funnel is believed to have had radar-estimated EF4 winds, with wind speeds around 185 mph (298 km/h). A police officer offers directions to a driver leaving this heavily damaged supply yard for Cactus Drilling Company on State Highway 66 in El Reno on Saturday, June 1, 2013. Such companion tornadoes tend to be observed with especially large and intense tornadoes, although this was the first documented multiple-vortex anticyclonic tornado of this kind. [32], Mike Bettes, a meteorologist for The Weather Channel, was also caught in the storm. Radar-estimated EF5 winds were only found aloft and in the smaller vortices that revolved around this funnel at 110 mph (180 km/h). This rain-wrapped, multiple-vortex tornado was the widest tornado in recorded history and was part of a larger weather system that produced dozens of tornadoes over the preceding days. Paul Samaras and Young were ejected from their Chevrolet Cobalt by the storm's sub-vortex, while Tim was still buckled in the passenger's seat. A Doppler on Wheels-based analysis of how the tornado impacted these teams revealed that they were hit by an intense internal sub-vortex. [8], Dewpoint values had ranged from the upper 60s °F (20 °C) to the lower 70s °F (20–22 °C), with temperatures in the low to mid-80s °F (27–30 °C), and CAPE (a meteorological concept used to predict the force and power of potential storms and tornadoes) predicting referring to values ranging from 3500 to 5000 J/kg. Former Discovery Channel storm chaser Tim Samaras (an engineer), his son Paul Samaras (a photographer), and Tim's longtime chase partner Carl Young (a meteorologist), all professional storm chasers with the TWISTEX project, were caught directly by the tornado; all three died in their vehicle, two of them were ejected. This exceptionally wide tornado took a complex path, rapidly changing in both speed and direction. [37] The hood of Reed Timmer's Dominator 2, a vehicle designed for intercepting tornadoes, was torn off. Overall, the tornado was on the ground for 40 minutes along a 16.2-mile (26.1 km) path. [29], In the case of El Reno, the wrapping rain bands did not lead to a narrow corridor of clear air close to the tornado. [50] The following day, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin toured damaged areas of El Reno. Hypothetical Tornadoes Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. The chaser information is compiled with radar and lightning data and the project is intended to eventually expand to a standardized open access database covering future events. [22] The strongest winds occurred in small subvortices along the south side of the main vortex. These winds are considered the second-highest ever measured worldwide, just shy of the 301 ± 20 mph (484 ± 32 km/h) recorded during the 1999 Bridge Creek–Moore tornado. [39] The Discovery Channel scheduled a special tribute episode of Storm Chasers titled Mile Wide Tornado: Oklahoma Disaster on June 5, both honoring the three chasers and covering the events of the EF5-rated tornado that struck Moore and portions of southern Oklahoma City eleven days earlier on May 20. "[25], On August 30, the National Weather Service office in Norman once again revised the intensity of the El Reno tornado. Smith also stated that it was fortunate the tornado did not track into more densely populated areas, particularly those within the Oklahoma City metropolitan area, "this would have been … I don't even want to imagine what it would have been. The facility was heavily damaged in last night's tornado in El Reno Photo by Jim Beckel, The Oklahoman. In the following months, disaster aid amounted to $1.9 Trillion. El Reno Tornado May 31, 2013 Image by Mike Bettes of The Weather Channel. As such, the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) issued a moderate risk of severe thunderstorms during the early morning hours of May 31 from southeastern Missouri to southwestern Oklahoma. For the EF5 tornado in 2011, see, View of the tornado from the southeast at 6:28 p.m. CDT (2328 UTC) as it was nearing peak strength. [9] These ingredients were present ahead of a cold front extending from the low from the eastern Dakotas southwestward to western Oklahoma, and ahead of a dry line extending from western Oklahoma southward into western north and west-central Texas. [4], In the wake of the storm chaser deaths, Kansas Emergency Management Association president Brian Stone called for there to be regulations put on future storm chasing; however, he stated that there are questions as to how it would actually be implemented. They were the first known tornado-related deaths of either recreational storm chasers or scientific researchers. Multiple large brick buildings at the nearby Canadian Valley Technology Center were heavily damaged or destroyed, and a large metal wind turbine prop blade was thrown 100 yards (91 m) into the side of a daycare building on the property. As Conditions began to deteriorate A Burst of Moisture from the Gulf of Mexico destabilized the atmosphere above Oklahoma resulting in the issuance of a High with a 60% chance of Tornadoes as the CAPE Value Reaches  9000 J/kg an extremely high value. A PDS Tornado Watch was issued for the Majority of Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas as Storm began to rapidly develop.

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