A well-thought-out business architecture model provides a bird’s eye view of how the enterprise modeling comes together and what components, elements, and entities are an integral part of the business architecture journey. Sign up for updates and receive a free copy of Capability Modeling Overview. Enterprise Collaboration Software Architecture A well designed and executed business architecture creates employee engagement in two ways. 5. Business architecture is not only about the deliverables: The deliverables that are created and how they are delivered is of critical importance, but don’t focus only on the generation of a specific deliverable and forget about the process of business architecture. Once this starts to happen, business people lose interest and do not take ownership of the business architecture. Second, it provides a set of guardrails making it safe and productive for employees to take independent action. For example, a government agency would have unique organizational structures in comparison to a hospital or shipping company. Business Strategy. Business Architecture Views, Lenses, and Viewpoints: Target Operating Model: Target operating model is a blueprint of the future state with regards to business model, strategy, structure, processes, systems, and roles.. Strategy-to-Capability Mapping: Capabilities are the glue that holds the strategic intent with operational purpose. A team of business architects, enterprise architects, and data architects are the primary consumers of a business architecture model. A business model deals with how a company survives and thrives with details of customer segments, products, value proposition, revenue streams, and the like. Value Streams: Value streams or Stakeholder Journeys capture the “How” business activities come together to serve the end-to-end needs of stakeholders. It is not necessary to boil the ocean and instead start with a few core components and entities and make progress along the way. This page was last edited on 29 May 2020, at 08:06. Business Architecture Framework. If capabilities capture the “What,” the value streams and related elements capture the “How.”. Data context provides the information overlay for the business architecture. 1. Business architecture is about the business: Many business efforts lead to an IT execution as part of solutions architecture, but business architecture cannot be focused on IT execution. This defines the triggering events received by the organisation to which it must respond, and the outgoing notification events that an organisation creates. Business Information. Every manager with a budget should clearly understand their organization’s goals and challenges and for those with a large discretionary budget it is an imperative. High-Tech and Manufacturing Business Capabilities Map, Learn more about Capstera Business Architecture Software, Visit Capstera Business Architecture Artifacts and Deliverables Store, Business Design and Business Architecture, Business Capability Modeling – Best Practices for Capability Mapping. Enterprise Architecture Value Framework (EAVF) Business architecture is applied differently based on the type of scenario at hand. For example, consider the company that was creating multiple, competing enrollment solutions for the same customer base across multiple product lines. Organizing this information in useful ways and being able to relate and combine these concepts requires a foundational framework, shown in figure below. Event Value Chains. We use cookies for analytics, advertising, your experience, and to improve our site. Technology context is the information technology foundational elements which power the various capabilities and realize the value streams.

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