The Magic Carpet Ride . But you can free yourself from common aches and pains associated with desk work in just a few minutes with these easy stretches to release the lower back and hips. Sit on the edge of your chair, bend your knees as normal and keep your feet flat on the ground. 1 / 8. Instead, use this list as a guide and choose two or three stretches you think your body needs. Hold the pose for 10 seconds before repeating the same move with your other leg. Hamstring Curls. Desk Pushups. 10 Desk Exercises You Can Do at Work. 2. Otherwise, if you need to lean across your desk a lot, you won’t get the same back support from your chair. Keep things within reach. All it takes is a few moments out of your workday every hour or so to perform these movements, all of which you can do right at your desk. While at your standing desk, bring one foot up to your backside, and then lower. Slideshows. Gently extend your right leg out in front of you until it’s parallel with the floor. Exercise is simply the act of keeping your body busy, using your muscles and bones while your … 1. Work the Room. Do them regularly, and you can kiss stiff muscles and weak posture goodbye. This stretch strengthens hamstrings, which are susceptible to sports-related injuries. Do this exercise while standing at your desk—you may need to hold on for balance and support. This works your core and arms. Relax your shoulders, and keep your elbows at 90 degrees, just above the desk. Substitute exercise for sitting - while you work - Get rid of your desk chair and substitute an exercise ball. Most of us spend hours hunched over computers, smartphones, and steering wheels. Repeat 10-15 reps, and switch legs. Then place your hands on the armrests, suck in your abs (stomach muscles) and raise yourself a few inches above the seat, using your belly muscles and hands. You've probably noticed the shoulder and neck muscles are the first to tighten up after a long day of work, so start by rolling these out. Just stand up and sit down – not using hands - If you stand up and sit down (over and over) without using your hands - it can be a challenge. Our post highlighting the dangers of sitting at a desk all day prompted me to get off my duff and stand while working. In Pictures: The 10 Best Exercises To Do At Your Desk. Fitness & Exercise. This might sound obvious, but many of us forget to do it: arrange your desk so that things you use often are easy to grab. Stretches You Can Do at Work. You don’t have to do all 13 of these stretches at once. Hold for 10 to 20 seconds. Exercises for the Back You Can Do at Your Desk 1. Rest for 30 seconds. 1. Take a break Neck Stretch. This easy exercise is designed to strengthen your leg muscles and can be done sitting with your legs underneath your desk. Repeat five times. Sit in your chair with your legs crossed and your feet on the seat.

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