“Exfoliation already has the potential to be rough on your skin. It’s still working and was worth every penny. Impression: Very mild; good value for price. This will make shaving go more smoothly, reducing nicks and irritation, he points out. As mentioned previously, if a more abrasive physical or chemical exfoliation is used (full face), one must allow the skin to recover between treatments.”. Follow up with a fragrance-free lotion. Impression: Too gritty for my skin and I stopped using it after a few times. I then work my shave soap/cream/croap in its tub or in a scuttle and apply it over the glycerin soap pre-lather. The best exfoliators remove dead skin cells, dirt, and oil from your top epidermis layer, leaving your skin clean and pores unclogged. For many, gently exfoliating again on the next nonshave day is acceptable. I can attest to the need to rest your face. “With the brushes you want to be a little careful,” says Dr. Desai. You should exfoliate one to two times a week before you shave for smoother, brighter skin. If you want to protect against razor bumps and heal your dry skin, check out CeraVe lotion on Amazon.com. If your skin appears dull due to a buildup of cells, then exfoliating can make it appear brighter and less dull. Freshly shaven skin is super sensitive to chemicals, alcohol, temperature, and irritation from scrubbing. Dr. Desai also warns against trying a new exfoliating product immediately before shaving. link “The group that washed with the cleanser had better moisturization following shaving,” he says. + Feather AS-D2 Razor By adding a second, gentle exfoliation before bed, you are removing dead skin cells’ free radicals that have accumulated throughout the day and then giving your skin time to rest and rejuvenate before you take a razor to it the following morning, he says. Instructions: Recommend using it twice a week or as needed. Bald & Beards is a site for those who want to learn all about beards, hair loss, grooming, style, trends and complimentary products. Here’s what the experts say you should do to avoid ingrown hairs and pimples after shaving. “Some of the brushes are pretty thick-bristled and exfoliate themselves. The process of shaving, going north to south, is exfoliation itself and you don’t need a double-layer exfoliation.”. Should You Exfoliate Before or After Shaving Your Beard? In other words, your skin may burn and likely become inflamed if you use a physical exfoliator after shaving. However, if you want to use a more effective once-a-week facial scrub, he recommends using that the night before a shave, which allows some time for the skin to recover. Pacific Shaving Co.’s natural Konjac sponge, Latest Vendor & Artisan Promotions From Shaveads.com, https://www.cosrx.com/north-america-stores. If you exfoliate apart from preshave prep, apply a moisturizer to the exfoliated skin. Should you exfoliate before or after shaving? There is a range of exfoliation methods available. It should only be a few centimeters long so you can exfoliate the skin underneath. + Supply Single Edge Razor You should follow our guide to exfoliating your beard for the best results. In my 40 years as a traditional Barber, having shaved more types of skin than I care to remember, it is clearly apparent to me that, if you shave correctly (max 2 pass: with and across grain) using quality shaving products that will prepare your beard and skin accordingly, and importantly, utilise the minimum amount of steel IE 1 blade of good quality, followed by a quality skin food (balm) that will aid the healing process at the end of the shave, the vast majority of men need never exfoliate their face using any other method. With those, I do not recommend an additional exfoliant. Bagdi observes that because “men have thicker skin than women, both methods and combined methods are great to slough off dead skin cells, soften, and uncover healthier looking skin.” However, he does warn that “if a more abrasive physical or chemical exfoliation is used, one must allow the skin to recover between treatments.”. “We like to recommend the use of the brush because it provides a gentle exfoliation and perfect prep for the shave,” says Bagdi. Ades cautions against chemical exfoliation, which can involve applying the exfoliant to your face and leaving it on or removing it after a while as instructed. The very act of scraping a sharpened piece of steel across your skin will, in itself, provide all the exfoliation one needs, particularly when you contemplate the fact that, by doing just that, you’re removing up to two layers of skin with each shave. One of the most important parts of your pre-shave prep is exfoliation, which helps to buff and prepare your skin. Or not.. do what works for you, you skin, your whiskers, blade choice etc. One weekly email with article summaries, tutorials, product discounts. At-home chemical peels, at-home deep exfoliants or vigorous scrubbing—I’m not an advocate.”. Chemical exfoliations generally use ingredients like alpha and beta hydroxy acids that dissolve dead skin cells. After exfoliating, make sure you apply a high-quality shaving cream to prep your skin and hair before shaving. Use daily. Art of Shaving Facial Scrub Peppermint Essential Oil; Scrub, 3.0 oz, $25, Lab Series Skincare for Men Multi-Action Face Wash; Face wash, 3.4 oz, $26, Harry’s Face Wash with Peppermint; Face wash, 5.1 oz, $7. It is not silly to use a puck of Williams as a bar of soap for this purpose. + Cremo Lathering Shave Cream As part of the research for this article I used a mild exfoliating face wash a few hours after shaving but stopped immediately because my skin was too tender. Best practice is to exfoliate before shaving, rather than after. Join thousands on Sharpologist's Shaving Info list! No surprise there, but when I tried again the next day when 13 hours had elapsed from my morning shave and even then, it was still uncomfortable.

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