He hardly makes any inquiries about the murder; he decides to leave the murder mystery unsolved, and make sure no harm happens to Tommen too. The High Sparrow doesn’t let anyone leave. She is not taking any pleasure in their death, as highlighted by how her utterance of "Dracarys" is more solemn and soft than usual. Subtlety like this, agreeing to a truce in order to make a long term plan relying on intrigue like Tywin, is somewhat uncharacteristic of Cersei. Before leaving Dragonstone, Jon tells Daenerys, "I wish you good fortune in the wars to come". Tyrion spots ships headed into Meereen, with Missandei noting the slavers have come to reclaim their property. In the novels, the Martells also have some Targaryen blood from the first Daenerys Targaryen, who married Maron Martell a century prior. Varys and Tyrion continue to helm Meereen, this time with the news coming in that the Free City of Volantis has been secretly funding the Sons of the Harpy.Introduces: The High Priestess of the Dosh Khaleen.Historic moment: Jon gives his robe to his Night’s Watch brother Edd Tollett, thereby relinquishing his role and leaving the Rangers.Grade: B+, Writer: Bryan CogmanDirector: Jack BenderPlot: Arya watches the second half of the troupe’s great, meta performance of all things Thrones; including a caricatured version of Tyrion killing his father. In real life, laws about divorce, bastardy, and legitimacy changed considerably over the course of the Middle Ages: in earlier centuries little emphasis was put on issues of bastardy, but as the Catholic Church grew in power and stressed it, this became a major issue for succession law by the 1400's (and the War of the Five Kings is based on the Wars of the Roses from the 1400's). Given that the Martells were furious at Rhaegar for humiliating Elia twice in public (at the tourney of Harrenhal and by "kidnapping" Lyanna), it is likely that repudiating his wife and consequently disowning his Targaryen/Martell children would have enraged the Martells much more, had they discovered it. Tyrion phrased it that "this war" had wiped out "one great House" already. In a similar strain, it is questionable if the Iron Bank would be willing to give her any further loans. WeissDirector: Miguel SapochnikPlot: Cersei’s great revenge. Martin's novel series 'A Song of Ice and Fire.'. Bran is stuck deep in visions and on the verge of catastrophe before being saved by a mysterious “rider”; he and Meera learn it’s his uncle Benjen Stark(! Dany’s situation, meanwhile, continues to deteriorate; and Cersei and Jaime’s vengeance plot is interrupted by the council’s desire to avoid them entirely. Such subtleties, however, might have escaped from the spectators. Get your copy of Entertainment Weekly’s biggest Game of Thrones issue ever: 78 pages of exclusive stories and photos on the past, present, and future of the HBO hit. In a thrilling reunion, Dany rides Drogon and — assisted by Rhaegal and Viserion — burns the fleet, sparing only one master. It has been repeatedly explained even in the TV series that Sansa's marriage to Tyrion can be set aside specifically because it was never consummated. #6 "The Iron Throne", "Eastwatch" - Game of Thrones' Episode Preview. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Bloodmoon - the Long Night prequel (canceled), Empire of Ash - the Doom of Valyria prequel, House of the Dragon - Dance of the Dragons prequel. Rhaegar believed that ", Moreover, if Rhaegar did secretly get an annulment in the books, it was also a poor political move as the Martells were staunch allies of House Targaryen during Robert's Rebellion due to one of their own being part of House Targaryen through marriage. Jaime reunites with Cersei, who — utterly gleeful over her perfectly executed scheme and unaware that it prompted Tommen to commit suicide — is crowned Queen of the Seven Kingdoms.Historic moment: Bran learns Jon is the child of Lyanna (more to come on that…); the burning of the Sept; and the last we see of Dany in season 6: setting sail for Westeros with her army, prepared for the grand battle.Grade: A. Westeros braces for a winter which may become a new Long Night, as the White Walkers and their army of the dead are poised to strike against the Wall and the realms of men.In King's Landing, Queen Cersei Lannister has been publicly shamed by the Faith of the Seven and awaits her trial for regicide and incest. Although the differences in the dragons' personalities aren't as fleshed out in the TV series as they are in the books, TV-Drogon is still much less friendly than TV-Rhaegal or TV-Viserion. As even she admits to Jaime in dialogue that their recent defeat means she's too afraid to openly challenge Daenerys: killing Daenerys's Hand would likely have provoked her into attacking King's Landing. WeissDirector: Daniel SackheimPlot: A stunned Davos discovers Jon alive and well. (She also rejects the acting troupe, which could have made a great spin-off.) Several unexpected reunions occur when Jon Snow's group meets the Brotherhood: Jon mentions that he saw the Hound at Winterfell - he was there in the Season 1 premiere ", Gendry is displeased to see the Brotherhood, after they sold him to, Tormund is surprised to learn that Jorah is, Eastwatch-by-the-Sea is the second manned castle on the Wall to appear on-screen in the TV series - the third castle overall, if one counts the abandoned ruins of. It seem unfair to compare Daenerys's actions to those of her father, as the Mad King was a sadist who enjoyed the suffering of his victims, in the books he is even described as being sexually aroused by their suffering while they were being burned. Ramsay is beaten and taken prisoner by Jon, where he meets his fate — to fans’ deep satisfaction.Historic moment: Sansa watching her abuser, Ramsay, eaten alive by his starving hounds.Grade: A–, Writers: David Benioff and D.B. After learning from Alys about Arnolf's treachery toward Stannis and when Cregan comes to Castle Black to forcibly take Alys away against her will, Jon imprisons Cregan, who did come to forcibly take Alys so he could marry her to Arnolf against her will.

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