Garnier Nutrisse Crème permanent nourishing hair colourant allows you to dye your hair in the comfort of yourhome and with up to 100% grey hair coverage. My mother had been using Garnier hair dye for nearly 4 years. However, it doesn’t smell strong and doesn’t damage your hair. Use our hair color tool to find the perfect Garnier shade to match with your current hair color It was my first impression. Both products can give great color but L’Oreal PREFERENCE® seems to be the most Fade Resistant with great gray coverage and the most translucent, Natural-Looking color. Garnier Olia (Hair Dye): 2.5 out of 5 stars from 76 genuine reviews on Australia's largest opinion site Dyeing Your Hair May Seem like a Cool Idea, but like Everything Else, It Has Its Pros and Cons. One month later, it faded out till I could see my blonde hair again!! A Garnier spokesperson said: "Reactions to hair colourants can occur for a very small number of people, in the same way that some individuals can react to a … I did it myself. Shade Selector by Garnier. Cautious Dyeing or Hair Coloring Can Stave off Many of the Side Effects of hair dye, so Go Natural and Understand These Essential Things Before Coloring Your Tresses. There were no issues with the product for a long time… But after some 2 yrs of using the dye regularly ..she started getting side effects, white patches all over her skin, specially on her arms and back.Initially we considered it to be some kind of Vitamin deficiency which seemed to be a common thing among women of her age (50-60). £0.00. Garnier Nutrisse 6.34 Dark Natural Red Permanent Hair Dye. It may take up to several days or even weeks after hair colouring sessions. It might surprise you to know that BOTH BRANDS belong to the L’Oreal Group. I changed my hair colour to a blonde colour. Then I bought Garnier Nutrisse Creme 5 Chocolate. While colouring hair is fun, there are a lot of side effects that you need to be aware of. The symptoms and damage caused by hair colour may not always show up immediately. When my blonde hair faded out and I did not like it anymore. With Nutrisse nourished hair means better colour.

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