At find thousands of logos categorized into thousands of categories. GE Energy Management | GE Power & Water | GE Measurement & Control Solutions | GE Intelligent Platforms | GE Appliances | RCA, Home and Business, Healthlife & Global Research The current version GE logo was modified by Wolff Olins in 2004. The contours of the GE medallion were refined in 1909z the gradient shades were gone along with the three-dimensional effect. Previous: Logopedia is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. The tail of the “E” got more curls and started resembling a swirl, which spins and adds speed to the progressive and reputable company. You can help Logopedia by uploading it here. In July 2004, the GE logo underwent a color change to blue, coinciding with the debut of the Inspira font. Electricity The blue and white badge evokes a sense of lightness, reliability, and confidence, it also started looking friendlier and more modern, showing the ability of the company to grow, change and progress without losing its essence. The emblem was still executed in monochrome but with some new gradient gray shades. GE’s curvilinear lines logo was first devised in 1890, the lower case script writing the “g” and “e” is still not much change in the font face. Pokémon unveils the 25th anniversary logo, teasing the celebration next year, Pentagram creates new brand identity for Virgin Money, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas rolls out new logo invoking criticism, Mutual of Omaha changes Indian chief logo to African lion, Sydney Swans adopt new logo, getting rid of the Sydney Opera House. You can download in .AI, .EPS, .CDR, .SVG, .PNG formats. The black and white color palette of the emblem only added to its timelessness and sophistication, accenting on professionalism and the fundamental approach of the company. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. General Electric was originally founded on April 15, 1892 by Thomas Edison, Charles A. Coffin, Elihu Thomson and Edwin J. Houston. Ge logo vectors. Download free GE vector logo and icons in AI, EPS, CDR, SVG, PNG formats. While the logo itself was drawn by hand, GE does have a set of custom corporate fonts, including GE Sans, GE Serif, and GE Inspira. GE logo vector. The very first badge for GE was designed in 1892 and featured a very laconic yet elegant and sleek monogram, where two ornate letters with curved tails were placed very near to each other, touching the edges and even overlapping in one point. The only difference between the new and the previous versions is the color palette but with the black switched to light blu the mood and perception of the logo changed dramatically. 15 Ge profile Logos ranked in order of popularity and relevancy. The refreshed GE logo was introduced in 2004 and featured the same circular badge in an ornate yet delicate frame and two cursive letters with curled ends and smooth lines. The 1900 logo preserved the elegant cursive letters of its predecessor, while being more legible. More GE logo history visit here >> Blue logo Roundel logo Script logo USA logo Wolff Olins. The delicate lines of the framing were accompanied by some rounded and curved elements coming out of it to the center of the badge and resembling leaves. The monogram got placed inside a circular frame in 1900. For more than 125 years of its history, the GE logo has remained basically the same. Though the appearance of the badge hasn’t changed much, the whole composition became more sophisticated due to the letters being drawn in a smaller size than usual. The letters on the badge got placed a bit farther from each other and gained a diagonal connection line. The best website for free high-quality GE Logo fonts, with 34 free GE Logo fonts for immediate download, and 49 professional GE Logo fonts for the best price on the Web. With the redesign of 1998, the refined lines of the GE logo got a bit shortened, which made the image balanced and added a sense of excellence and professionalism to the monochrome badge. General Electric, or simply GE, is one of the companies, which value their roots above all, and it still uses its original logo, introduced at the end of the 19th century, with only slight modifications and a renewed color palette. GE Capital | GE Money Bank | GE Energy Financial Services | GE Capital Rail Services | GE Commercial Finance | GE Consumer & Industrial, Former and Defunct General Electric was originally founded on April 15, 1892 by Thomas Edison, Charles A. Coffin, Elihu Thomson and Edwin J. Houston. Learn how it looked initially, and how it evolved together with the GE enterprise. Content is available under $1 unless otherwise noted. GE Home & Business Solutions | GE Global Research | GE Healthcare, Transportation The redesign of 1969 strengthened and emboldened the lines of the letters on a circular GE badge.

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