We calculated a 32% saving across the board for … I was in the market for a new tote that I could use mostly for work & travel, and ultimately decided on the Goyard St Louis PM tote. Size and Specicications Goyard St. Louis Tote PM 11″ W x 19″ H x 6″ D (including handles) $1,200 in Classic Colors, $1,560 in Special Colors Goyard St. Louis Tote GM 13″ W x 23″ H x 7″ D (including handles) $1,375 in Classic Colors, $1,795 in Special Colors Goyard Anjou Tote PM 11″ W […] Goyard Saint Louis PM Bag – Classic Colors: £780.00: £755.00: Goyard Saint Louis PM Bag – Special Colors: £1,050.00: £875.00: Goyard Saint Louis GM Bag – Classic Colors: £905.00: £875.00: Goyard Saint Louis GM Bag – Special Colors: £1,140.00: £980.00 Let us know what you get! But, it is very costly, the straps aren’t very comfortable when the bag is heavy, and there’s no top zipper to close the tote. The Goyard Tote is durable, high-end, classic and has a lot of room for everything you need to carry. I began obsessing over Goyard at age 12 or so but didn't get my first pieces until I was 18. I'd say in terms of stripes and/or monogram, go with darker, more muted colors to balance out the brightness of the orange. Hence this guide, which is what we’re here for. Big Discount And Fast Shipping! Hey guys! Boasting a zippered top, it reminds me so much of the Marie Gallante. It is very, very bright. Buying either Goyard tote is less expensive in Paris (for Americans, anyway). Plus, it’s a status symbol for fashionistas everywhere. Goyard Handbags Outlet Store - 70% OFF, We Offer Cheap Goyard Bags, Goyard Tote, Goyard Tote Bags, Goyard Handbags, Goyard Purse, Goyard Backpack Outlet At Goyard Clearance Store Online. or how about gray (not the white one) I can only ask my friends from HK to buy for me since there is no Goyard boutique in the country where I live. It can be personalized on the front or inner flap. And best of luck So we’re going to look at the three classic Goyard totes—the Saint Louis, Artois and Anjou—and consider their sizes and prices. The latest offering from Maison Goyard is the light weight Artois. So, you mention that this is a review for the GM tote, however, your first paragraph keeps saying “PM”: One of my more recent designer handbag purchases was the Goyard St Louis PM tote. As you know, Goyard is most famous for its totes (many consider Goyard to be the “Holy Grail” of totes). The city tote has leather edges which will protect the canvas from wearing out too much. Approximately $500 more expensive depending on the style. I am ready to purchase a new Goyard Tote but isn't Goyard coming out with new colors like Chocolate Brown maybe or Beige? Obviously, the Artois tote is more expensive than the Saint Louis. Other than that, have FUN with it!

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