Once you understand your face type, you can start looking at the hairstyles that commonly compliment you. It can fit in well for those guys who love to be forefront in the fashion game! Some of the coolest styles for diamond faces include thick, layered cuts such as fringes, faux hawks, brush ups, shags, messy crops, and side swept hair. With contemporary hues and bright looks, we love how he carries the style with oblong and broad face shape. If you prefer short hair, this neat wavy trimmed cut can be excellent and apt for several occasions to come, be it formal occasions or semiformal events. Instead of a bald or high fade, consider a low taper fade with a number 3 or bigger clipper guard. We’re talking about the science of aesthetics. Hairstyles can speak a lot about you and can break or make any look. These mens oblong face hairstyles are especially suited for those in the younger age group and the informal events or occasions. Here is why we are sharing the latest oblong face hairstyles for men – given that the face shape often attracts a lot of confusion as well as attention among the masses. Square faces are usually very masculine, with sharp angles to create chiseled jawlines and cheekbones. Then you can style your hair with a side part, slick back, or spiked style. Oblong: Your face is longer than it is wide, while your forehead, cheekbones and jawline are all fairly the same size. Although most hairstyles look good on an oval face, shorter cuts are generally the best suited. So we thought we’d let it do the talking. With short hair, side parting, and light pompadour, those with the oblong face can stand out. Your hair can’t change your face shape, but it can put some smoke in mirrors. Men with triangle faces will want hairstyles that create volume on the top but maintain some length on the sides too. Choosing a proper haircut for your shape is a matter of science. Check out these easy-to-apply hair styling hacks to quickly raise your hair game. Ever notice how some guys look like their hairstyle was designed just for them? Diamond: A longer face, pointier chin, and a chiseled jawline. Guys! The messy long top covers up the oblong face shape and matches with the rugged beard. Although a dense beard is not really recommended for men with a long face as it may broaden the face structure further, we love how Jon Hamm has carried the look in such an elegant and plush manner. This post contains affiliate links. There are thousands of men's hair products out in the wild. Guaranteed to have your follicles upstairs tingling in anticipation. And they all come together in making up your face shape. Add on the style for those who like casual and stylish looks, and who loves to appear bold enough to match the fashion world today! But did you ever see golden hair? Also called oblong, long faces don’t need any more volume on top. However, if you want a medium length hairstyle, you can add some length to the sides to balance it out. Avoid forward fringes, bangs, or crops that soften facial features and minimize the face length. Medium length hairstyles paired with clean-shaven faces are ideal in this case. Square: The length and width of your face is roughly the same. Because of the smoothness of the jawline, we suggest you go clean-shaven. Choose the Right Haircut for Your Face Shape, Every Time, How To Be More Confident In Any Situation, The unspoken secrets high achieving men live by to, The #1 thing that’s holding you back and how to. This trimmed shorthair length haircut can be ideal, with an undertone of classic, as well as easy maintenance, looks. Eminem, known for his bold fashion sense, has tried out this short buzz cut with golden hair and we absolutely are in awe with this ultra-modern haircut. Diamond-faced men have angular jaws; facial hair can be used to soften the look. This is really easy to do. Let us know your thoughts, too; we love to hear from you! Ask your barber for a pompadour, quiff, angular fringe, side swept bangs, shaggy hair, or any popular haircut that will offset the forehead. Fortunately for you square faced gentlemen, you have a lot of choice. Our guide will point you in the direction you need to go to get the killer hairstyle you want. On the other hand, we highly suggest you avoid fringes and bangs that may make your face appear round. Just because a hairstyle looks good on a billboard or magazine cover, doesn’t mean it’s a fit for everyone. Find out if you're making any of these common mistakes. Here’s a rundown of a few different hairstyles for each face shape. While some cuts are going to put emphasis on your facial features, others can draw attention away from potentially disproportionate features. Also, facial hair is optional. You may have come across blonde hair. With the long top messy part haircut and short sides, we absolutely love how he always looks youthful and stylish. Do you ever see an awesome looking hairstyle on a dude and think---how? Remember that at the end of the day, your barber is going to have a volley of experience and information; don’t be too shy to ask for advice. Founder and Editor, The Adult Man. Stop following haircut trends and start setting them. Nope, you can put the Bunsen burner away. Although simple look, and bright vibes around, this look can be well for those who have long or oblong faces but are thin or athletic in the physique. Whichever category you fall into, there’s a style lying in wait for you. This quiff with low fade haircut has stood out in his many makeovers, and we absolutely love the way it appears bold as well as stylish to the contemporary and modern contextual fashion world. Learn more. Most hairstyles will look good on square faces, but the better options are really short or short to medium length. Start by researching current men’s hairstyles to get a few ideas, and the world will be your oyster. Below, we’re going to explore the best men’s hairstyles sorted entirely by face shape. Although the oval face shape is not the most masculine, with a lack of sharpness along the jaw, cheeks, and chin, it works with just about any hairstyle. A little goes a long way when it comes to grooming. The look can give handsome appearance effortlessly and is best for new-age men and guys who prefer such a unique, trendy style statement. Prefer these looks for casual and informal appearances. Here are a few characteristics of the various male face shapes: Oval: Your face length is longer than the width of your cheekbones. To achieve this, ask your barber for shorter sides and a longer top. If you are up to this and love to look all stylish and sassy, what best than work on this look? With these oblong face shape hairstyles for male across age groups, you can make it possible! Stave-off the misconceptions, and stick to one that’s right for you. Here is how! This oblong face haircut for men gives a smart and refreshing look and is ideal for men who are in the 40s and the 50s age group. By pairing a fade or undercut on the sides with a trendy comb over, quiff, pompadour, slick back, or spiky style, guys will maximize the look. We understand the dual concern here – both having a broad or large forehead along with less hairline. The wavy haircut is always a classy trend, and we love how this looks for those who have long or oblong face shape. Give it a look below to learn more about the best hairstyles to try for your face shape: Although most hairstyles look good on an oval face, shorter cuts are generally the best suited. Popularly known as the God of Thunder, we love how Chris Hemsworth quite often sports this signature hairstyle of his. For men who have oblong face shape, it is preferable to go with the cuts and hairstyles which can hide in the broad shape of facial features. Full stop enthusiast. Well—it probably was. T&Cs • Privacy Policy • Disclosures. They are easy to maintain, super comfortable and can aid you in appearing sleek and edgy quickly. Your jaw is more angular and sharp than an oval face shape. His short hair curls look quite popular and are versatile too. This will give you a better understanding of what to ask for at the barber and how to how to maintain your new look. It is essential to style oneself to match their right face shape. On the other hand, we highly suggest you avoid fringes and bangs that may make your face appear round. The popular celebrity, Adam Levine, is known for his several of haircut styles and trends. For those men who do not want to get experimental and prefer the versatile look, this can be quite ideal. Round: Longer measurements on your forehead and jawline, and potentially a little more body fat storage in your face (genetics can be cruel sometimes). Men’s Haircuts: 90 Most Popular Baal Cutting Styles for Men, Top 20 Trending Men’s Leather Sandals with Pictures, 15 Trending Hairstyles for Balding Men (Top, Front & Sides). Gin sympathizer. As for facial hair, consider a thick stubble beard or short, full beard for a more chiseled jawline. This Zayn Malik’s messy haircut is all about hotness and contemporary trends. Zayn Malik’s Messy Hair: This Zayn Malik’s messy haircut is all about hotness and contemporary … Ultimately, anything that adds height to the top is a good look.

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