The P-47 hands down. The Tempest was a thoroughbred air combat fighter and arguably the war’s best piston engined fighter, only really the FW190-D9 or TA-152 or Spit XIV get anywhere near. The Tempest V combined the new semi-elliptical wing with the Typhoon … (photo by Moreno Aguiari) As already noted, the Hawker Tempest is a rare breed indeed, with nine complete Mk.IIs and just two Mk.Vs extant. The Typhoon was incomplete and had to have a new radiator and spinner (weird looking though it is, and badly in need of a more accurate replacement) made in order to display it. The Tempest V has only recently arrived from the UK, while the radial engined Tempest II has been in the USA since the 1980s. The Tempest arose from Hawker’s desire to apply a new, thin wing to the Typhoon in order to enhance performance. Meanwhile, the Typhoon’s successor, the faster, high-performance Hawker Tempest, had already been giving sterling service in the RAF. I suspect the original color of the Typhoon wheelwell was IGG. So self-quarantine makes your mind go crazy places: weren't Tempests Vs just Typhoons with a new wing? The Hawker Typhoon was origianaly designed as a replacement to the Hawker Hurricane, but due to rear fuselage fractures and constant engine problems, it was almost scrapped but found a second life in ground attack, later Typhoon Ib's were deployed as V-1 hunters. The Tempest is a developement of the Typhoon as the photo's show. Can't you just build the old 1/32 Revell Hawker Typhoon and add a bunch of Special Hobby Tempest parts to superdetail it and convert it to a late bubble top? The Hawker Tempest was a British fighter aircraft primarily used by the Royal Air Force (RAF) in the Second World War.The Tempest, originally known as the Typhoon II, was an improved derivative of the Hawker Typhoon, intended to address the Typhoon's unexpected deterioration in performance at high altitude by replacing its wing with a thinner laminar flow design. 85 Group at Newchurch, Kent, in April 1944. The Hawker Typhoon, Tempest, & Sea Fury v1.3.5 / 01 aug 19 / greg goebel * At the beginning of World War II, fighter planes were generally built for speed and maneuverability. The gearbay on this Tempest is IGG as Edgar says, and the gearbay on the Typhoon is Sky. The first 50 Tempest Vs were delivered to No. It had excellent ground attack capabilities (with the same bomb/rocket capacity as the Typhoon), but usually was used as a long range marauder, going after enemy aircraft below 20,000ft. The Hawker Tempest was designed, and used as, a fighter.

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