These patients may be having mental issues due to their working environment, homes, or health Get expert career advice on skills, qualification, training and certifications required to be a Psychiatric Nurse. Learn how to become a Psychiatric Nurse. It is a common notion among the public that illnesses related to … Nursing career is always respected and in demand worldwide. How To Become A Psychiatric Nurse This guide is directed towards aspiring psychiatric nurses in the UK specifically– other countries may have a completely different path. To become a psychiatric nurse practitioner you will need to attend a nurse practitioner program that specializes in mental training. Upon successful graduation, you will have a Master’s Degree in Science (MSN). To become a registered nurse (RN), there are two year programs leading to an associate’s degree in nursing, three-year programs for a diploma in nursing (usually hospital-based), or four-year college or university programs leading to a bachelor’s degree. Typically this type of training program takes about 24 months to complete. Prospective students who searched for Psychiatric Nurse: Job Info & Requirements found the links, articles, and information on this page helpful. Introduction A psychiatric nurse takes care of mentally ill patients or those who are suffering from mental disorder. For you to become a psychiatric nurse, you need to be mentally, emotionally, and […] Psychiatric nursing is one of the most in-demand nursing specialties. With the entry of corporate style of working in the medical services, the nursing profession too is changing its face to match the needs of patients and their needs. Psychiatric nurse practitioners can also perform psychosocial assessments and provide emergency psychiatric care. With so many people getting affected by mental illnesses, the demand for health professionals who can dedicate their time to help patients get better and advocate for them is continuously increasing. As a specialised profession, you can also provide support to those who are suffering from stress, trauma, abuse, or other emotional difficulties. How can I become a psychiatric-mental health nurse? To become a psychiatric nurse, also known as Mental Health Nurses and Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurses (PMHNs), you must complete additional training beyond what is required to be licensed as a Registered Nurse (RN) and may choose to pursue board certification status (RN-BC).

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