JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Painting a ukulele is a fun craft project, and you can totally still play the instrument, but go with a cheaper instrument so you don’t mind if the sound quality is affected by the paint. Then I mixed up different hues of greys and painted the moon. Here are the before and after photos of the ukulele. Music is an expression of yourself as is painting so why not put them together and make it your own? Binding Tape, ratchet strap or clamps etc. We use cookies to improve our site and your shopping experience. My guess with a small section like an outline you could tape around your outline for a clean edge and fold your sandpaper, or get a small sanding sponge and go slowly and carefully as to not go outside your design. Choose a cheaper ukulele to paint with acrylic. Once I was happy with with the entire design I started on the varnishing. -DON'T SAND INTO THAT-You just want to get rid of the gloss, not reshape your instrument. Before assembling the Ukulele, you can paint the body with commercial wood paint completely or decorate it with patterns. If you're painting your clear coat I'd say just go over your design and let dry, carefully sand so that it's flat and check before adding more coats. *The blue ukulele I did in the kitchen, the red one I did in my room, and similarly I did my guitar just in the living room. I'm hoping to paint something small (an outline) on the front of a ukulele. I found a tatty old ukulele on the beach last summer and rescued it, with a plan to refurbish it. Only the small section I'll be painting? I already had my red ukulele for several years and had drawn all over it with sharpie markers. The most expensive ukulele in this list at £60, and also the only non-plastic one too. Hello! Step 2: Taping, Sanding, and Selecting a Reference Point. Start painting your design. Then I cleaned the ukulele and all the removed bits with a surface disinfectant and damp cloth. Even if you are an experienced painter, it is a good idea to get some illustrated resources which will demonstrate techniques that ... We'll make sure you'll be the first to hear about: For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. *I also didn't use a reference for my red ukulele or my guitar but it's good to have an idea of what you want on your instrument before you start painting all over it. It has a solid top with Aquila strings. d. 4 x metal headstock bushing e. 4 x string through rod . I repeated this until I was happy with the coverage then left the ukulele to dry overnight. I used the white acrylic to paint a thick circle around the soundhole, then I started adding the stars and other planets with the tip of a detail brush. Unless you plan on being really rough with it, taking it camping, backpacking, etc. And how should I remove the bits and pieces of the ukulele so that they're not damaged? First of all I removed the strings, the saddle (plastic part on the bridge) and the tuning pegs, anything external that didn't need painting. I'm planning to paint my ukulele for a project in art class, so I looked around for help and found this. Have fun! *With the red ukulele I taped around the front and back edges and then sanded the sides until I started to see parts of the bare wood. I did some research on what paint to use and what the dangers are of repainting an instrument and decided to use thin layers of acrylic paint and turn the ukulele into a painting of the universe with a giant moon in the middle. DIY ukulele kit; craft paint; craft paintbrushes; painter’s tape; light grit sandpaper; wood sealer; gold paint pen; ruler; Make Time. 5 Hours (Plus Drying Time) Step 1: Your kit should come with all of the uke pieces you’ll need. Once the gesso was dry I could start the painting process. 5 years ago Apply a second coat of paint or a second colour until the required design is achieved. Acrylic pouring is an innovative way of abstract painting with acrylics and is a very popular trend right now. Copyright © 2020 T N Lawrence & Son Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Any mistakes you find can still be fixed, re-sanded or re-painted as many times as you need! If you're going to be painting the entire instrument you'll need to take off all the strings and the tuning pegs and keep them in a safe place. I applied the varnish to the front of the ukulele in a thin layer, waited until it was almost dry and applied it again. I knew it would make an excellent present! 1950 saw a patents for designs of new ukuleles being filed including those by David Rosenheim, George Finder and Mario Maccaferri. [1] Then I cleaned the ukulele and all the removed bits with a surface disinfectant and damp cloth. If the pod does not fit perfectly you can use some super glue to fix it. I had to get new strings as the old set was missing one then I had to quickly teach myself the fixtures since I have never done this before. Too many layers of thick acrylic paint can make it sound boxy, especially when it's inside. I use Pebeo Gesso because it is good value for money but any acrylic primer will do. *I can imagine people doing some really cool things personalizing their own instruments. It’s a little shrill being an octave higher than a soprano but it’s perfectly playable. If you want something specific you'll probably need a reference picture. Question While the blue ukulele only took a few hours to finish, the red one took about two days. I also painted the inside of the instrument white to give a nice contrast and also to create a backdrop for the moon. The Acrylic Artist's Bible Step 2: Picking a Reference, Taping & Sanding. The next step was sanding. About: I like doing my own thing and figuring out stuff myself. Adding paint, stickers, or anything to the surface of a finely-crafted ukulele will alter the sound of the instrument and reduce its value. 1 year ago. The greater the detail, the longer you might want to spend on this step. Tip: you can create your own design for painting a unique ukulele and you will find that many people have done this before. Question What made it even more complicated is that despite my best efforts the paint got into the peg holes and the bridge too, so I had to carve into these a little to make space for these parts. Jul 6, 2019 - Custom painted ukuleles. The red painted locator dots have worn off. :)Good luck with your project and let me know if you have any questions! This is a very important step and don't be tempted to skip it as it will protect the paint from chipping. I used my Pebeo Acrylics, a 40 colour set that has served me well on craft projects like this. *I've heard this toothpaste method also works to clean sharpie marker off walls so, there you go. By the end I had a ukulele with a mirror shine which made it not only waterproof but very easy to keep clean! I hope you enjoyed this article and that it inspires you. 2 years ago Sand the entire instrument with fine sandpaper so the paint holds better to the surface. 3 years ago. The best plastic ukulele is usually made out of high-quality plastic, such as ABS or polycarbonate plastic, so it in no way should be considered just a toy. Too much paint will distort the sound. Extra bit:I said earlier that there was sharpie permanent marker drawings all over my red ukulele. I don't think there should be a problem with your varnish looking off but my advice would be to carefully sand the entire face area with a fine grit sandpaper and doing your clear coat over the area (if you spray this method would be easier) . Mounting the tuners Set in the pod into the hole of the headstock of the Ukulele (see picture). Apply a thin layer of clearcoat or lacquer to protect the instrument and allow to dry. (mostly just a bit quieter) Now if the uke is a laminate, you've already got plywood going against you with regards to volume, so you might want to take that in to consideration. So, I have a super snazzy Luna Uke with a lil' lizard buddy and leaves engraved into the corner, and I kinda wanted to paint them in with white- thing is, it's an engraving and I go overboard with sanding stuff- lol - so, do you have a reccomendation for what I could do?? 4 x plastic tuner keys b. I was giving the blue ukulele to my sister for her birthday so I wanted to personalize it for her to make it a bit more special and her own.

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