It is really an ideal knife sharpener for pocket knives. Maybe it will be a hardship job! The top edge of every vehicle window is uncoated. It’s only a short term case, but for a long term sharpening, you have to use the safe and secure sharpening method! There are five common items you can use to sharpen a knife without a whetstone or blade sharpener. This will make a fine, honed edge. But it’ll be better to say you should clean the stone for the best result before you sharpen it. any variety will do, even a piece of cement. It does not just assist you at your home; it’s also helpful to sharpen a knife in the wilderness. And hold another knife that will help you for sharpening and it will be on your left hand. Indeed, these methods are suitable to work with when your knife sharpener is out of order, or you don’t have it. Contact Us | About Us | Affiliate Disclaimer | Cookies Policy | Privacy Policy, is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, © 2020 Life With Kitchen - A Complete Solution For Everyday Needs, Disadvantages Of Air Fryer – 10 Biggest Problem Of Air Fryer, What Is A Boning Knife? But, here we have mentioned the river’s stone. Simply place the blade against the uncoated window edge, tilt the cutting edge of the blade to match the angle of the window edge. Also, you should maintain that angle very consistent with each sharpening stroke. First, you have to hold the knife with your right hand which you want to sharpen. And also I try to share my all foods and traveling experience to all. It’s another excellent and straightforward knife sharpening method that you can sharpen your knife effortlessly. These 5 sharpening hacks only for the extreme situation when you have no modern sharpener. Don’t forget to flip your knife over and smooth the other side. Since most coffee mugs have made of ceramic and this is one of the best sharpening substances. After many years of food experience, I thought about a blog. Or if you love hunting and want to know how to sharpen hunting knife so you can follow this expert instruction Click here. In this case, you can use the gear that is equipped with you. Then pull it back and forward but the angle will depend on your knife blade side. Just turn it upside down and put a flat, stable surface, and use the bottom of the mug to sharpen. But suddenly you discover your knife has lost the edge. 2. But you have to know how to sharpen a knife without a sharpener? Electric knife sharpeners are available, but I wouldn’t say they are necessary. Know how to sharpen a knife without a sharpener? And maybe you know dull knives are not very safe to use and it takes more time for cutting. But for this trick, you have to hold the belt with one hand. This trick is really very easy if you already have two blunt knives. Then move it back and forth, but the angle depends on the side of your blade knife. 4. And I have acquainted with many popular chefs who work in the most popular restaurants. But if you have a large knife which has a thick blade so gives a little bit pressure and uses them 5-7 slides for both sides. This trick might very helpful on a long road trip if you haven’t enough elements to sharpen the knife. You continue the sharpening for 7-8 times and obviously you have to sharpen the blade both sides. If you know and use some tricks on how to sharpen a knife without a stone or sharpener, you can make your knife sharp enough with ease. 3. Bottom of a Mug; Broken Glass Bottle; Slate or Cement; Another Knife; Car Window Step 3: After oiling the stone, keep the “sharpening guide” under the knife so that the blade is at a proper angle. One: The car window. Maybe you know about it if you already use the sharpening stone or whetstone! However, if you don’t have a sharpening guide, make sure to keep the knife firmly by using your hand. First, you must hold your right-hand knife that you’d like to sharpen. I love foods, and only to taste different foods I have traveled to many countries from Asia to Europe. Enable registration in settings - general, How To Clean A Sharpening Stone With Simple Steps, How to Close a Gerber Knife Following Some Simple Steps, How to sharpen your WUSTHOF knife With few Step, How To Clean Stainless Steel Knives With Some Easy Tips, KitchenAid Knives Review – [ Highly Recommended Five Knife ], Hessler Knives Reviews – Stainless Steel Knife Sets [ Update 2020 ], Best Bushcraft Knife Under 100 [ Update Reviews 2020 ], Tac Force Knives Review – Top 7 Best Tac Force Knives [ Update 2020 ], Best Knife Set Under $200 – Top 7 pick for 2020. In this article: Knife Sharpening Tips. I hope now maybe you know how to sharpen a knife without a sharpener? RELATED: 5 Tricks For Better Knife Sharpening. I’m Jordan Carter from North California USA. However, the problem is how to sharpen your knife through a car window? You open a window in halfway or slightly down, and you just put your knife against the edge of the window. With is method you can sharpen pocket knife, hunting knife, camping knife, and deer skinning knife. Sharpen Knife Using A Simple Coffee Mug So within a few minutes, you will get a razor-sharp blade. Maybe it’s a little bit weird but the car window is a great honing device. But, the method only works if you have a leather belt; other plastic or artificial leather doesn’t work for a knife sharpener. But the question is how to use a car window to sharpen a knife? Even when you’re out of your home and stay in the wilderness and need a perfect knife that can save your life! But how do you sharpen a knife with a stone on the river? But it will be very easier if you already used a knife sharpening steel in your kitchen. Not only that even you can sharpen any size of knife including a ceramic knife.

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