If your hair is naturally straight, thin or flat, adding a product such as mousse for volume before you curl will help give your curls big, bouncy body. Not only is it one of the most versatile hair styling products on the market, but it’s also a great multi-tasker – helping to add volume to fine, limp locks, setting styles in place, and helping de-frizz curls. 6 classic short hairstyles for older women that’ll never go out of style! Then someone recommended volumizing foam for root boosting on one of the curly girl sites and provided pictures as evidence of its effectiveness. As I’ve been starting to experiment with mousse more, I’ve wondered if I can use it on my dry hair as a refresher on second day hair. –, Hacks & Inspiration from Hair Experts at Unilever, 40 French Bob Haircuts That Will Make You Feel Like An Actual Parisian, 25 Wispy Bangs Styles That’ll Revamp Your Look, 52 Best Box Braids Hairstyles for Natural Hair in 2020. When it is fully dry, use a pik to fluff out your roots and give you all-over volume. Note: if you require extra moisture, apply a leave-in conditioner prior to this step. Wondering if you can put mousse in dry hair? This step is optional. Now, which other styles will you try? Step 3: Set up your blow-dryer. How to Use Hair Mousse. Gently scrunch the curl clumps and allow them to air dry. 20 Best Box braids Bob Styles to Try in 2020. For this how-to, I recommend using a mousse that will provide moisture and a light hold. Got2b offers different versions of curly hair mousse. Waves and curls benefit a lot from scrunching (a bunch-of-scrunching, if you will), and it perfectly facilitates a good scrunch session post-wash. Just squirt some out of the bottle, rub between your palms, and scrunch all over your head in sections. Mist dry curls with a fine mist sprayer until they are saturated. Everything You Need to Know, Plus Expert Haircare Tips, 65 Best Haircuts and Hairstyles for Men in 2020, How to Know If Your Beauty Product Is Cruelty-free or Vegan, Find the Perfect Protein Shampoo for Your Hair Needs, 50 Cool Haircuts and Hairstyles for Round Faces, Washing Hair After Colouring – Everything you Need to Know, 40 Best Brown Balayage Hair Colours to Inspire Your Next Look, ’70s Hairstyles: 18 Throwback Styles Making a Comeback, 11 Beautiful Boho Box Braid Hairstyles You Need to Try in 2020. Mousse is a great volumiser. 2. 2 Prep with mousse. It will keep your curls and coils intact for wash day provided you exercise care when styling, but you will need to touch up second day and beyond hair with more mousse or another styler. On fully detangled and saturated hair, apply a generous amount of mousse all over your head, working in sections. Additionally, for best results, you may need to pair mousse with additionally products to meet your hair’s moisture needs, or for longer hold. It’s best applied to wet hair, straight from the shower - no towel or brush allowed. Do not scrunch your hair, as you will lose curl definition. Let us know in the comments. E-girl Hairstyles: Are You Brave Enough to Try TikTok’s Latest Hair Trend? Hair Botox vs Keratin Treatment: What’s the Difference? Smooth the product into your hair from the mid-shaft to the ends. Before you apply your mousse, start with damp hair. Wondering how to use hair mousse on curly hair? Continue to brush through and blowdry until your hair is completely dry, ensuring there are no sticky patches of product. How to Use Mousse for Defined, Voluminous Curls, Carol's Daughter Mirabelle Plum Styling Mousse, SheaMoisture Fruit Fusion Coconut Water Weightless Styling Mousse.

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