The Flip Side of the Attrition Coin: Faculty Perceptions of Factors Supporting Graduate Student Success, Community-Based Research (CBR) in the Education Doctorate: Lessons Learned and Promising Practices. doctorate, higher education, relationship, advisor, survey. Specifically, this study compared doctoral students’ career decision-making from two career groups, those pursuing the professoriate versus those pursuing ... doctoral student career decision-making, professoriate career, careers beyond the professoriate, qualitative research, Cognitive Information Processing theory, graduate student career development, Annemarie Vaccaro, Chiquita Baylor, Desiree Forsythe, Karin Capobianco, Jana Knibb, John Olerio. Aim/Purpose: This study examined an Ed.D. Doctoral student retention remains a challenge in higher education with an average attrition rate of 50%. This paper presents preliminary results of an evaluation of a promising new model called the Ewing Model© where the culminating projects of a doctoral program is completed in a series of five sequentia ... retention, attrition, completion, Ewing Model, social connectedness, doctoral research project, applied research project, dissertation, culminating project, usefulness of curriculum and instruction. This paper examines this process in STEM ... Doctoral education, advisor/advisee selection, gender, nationality, career stage, Daniel A Nagel, Victoria F Burns, Carla Tilley, Diane Aubin. The article seeks to intervene in current debates about doctoral writing by re-positioning it as an affective-political practice, affect, affective-politics, doctoral writing, doctoral education, emotion, neoliberalism. doctoral education; doctoral mentoring; doctoral programmes; scholarship; scholarship mindset, socialisation. This paper presents a poem to illustrate one student’s PhD journey through reflection on those fluctuations, milestones and learning moments experienced along the way. Ulrichs Periodicals Directory *subscription required. This interaction is affected by the characteristics and needs of students and institutional conditions, as well as the skills, attitudes, and roles of supervisors and their supervisory styles. Aim/Purpose: This paper introduces the Feedback Expectation Tool (FET) as an easy-to-use and flexible pedagogical tool to encourage dialogue on feedback between supervisors and candidates. The International Journal of Doctoral Studies (IJDS) is an academically peer-reviewed international journal that publishes scholarly articles on issues in doctoral studies using the Informing Science framework. Chinese PhD students, stress coping, secondary control, qualitative interviews, psychological adjustments. ... Online ISSN: 1556-8873  •  Print ISSN: 1556-8881, Hyrine Mueni Matheka, Ellen E.P.W.A. Specifically, the purpose of this research was to identify certain experiences that trigger this phenomenon. online learning, private workspaces, retention, attrition, isolation, communica-tion, student engagement, connectedness, doctoral programs, Gabriel AB Marais, Rebecca Shankland, Pascale Haag, Robin Fiault, Bridget Juniper. Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A. Peer-reviewed publications on Questia are publications containing articles which were subject to evaluation for accuracy and substance by professional peers of the article's author (s). Aim/Purpose: The purpose of this exploratory qualitative case study was to understand dissertation chair agency, chair preparation, and academic supports provided by experienced Educational Leadership Ed.D. The paper answers the following research question: What mechanisms, if any, are responsible for successful online supervision leading to student academic success, and under what conditions can this oc ... autoethnography, collective reflexivity, corporate agency, critical realism, online supervision. The connection between mentors’ feelings of trustworthiness and protégé success were explored. Sometimes we feel excited, motivated and accomplished, while other times frustrated, tired or unsure. Aim/Purpose: This paper explores students’ perceptions of qualities they believe their ideal supervisor should possess as well as those they see as characterizing their current and past supervisors. In spite of many texts on the case study method and the growing acceptance and use of thereof, there are relatively few examples that discuss how to apply the case study method. Aim/Purpose: This study examined doctoral faculty of educational leadership within the state of Georgia in the United States. As Internet usage becomes more commonplace, researchers are beginning to explore the use of email interviews. women of color, doctoral students, racist incidents, sexist incidents, oppression, marginalization, resistance, achievement, empowerment. Aim/Purpose: This article demonstrates how experiences of a supervisee can become foundational in carving a career identity of PhD supervisors. PhD student, doctoral research, cross-cultural research, sensitive research, autoethnography. IJDS, Volume 12, 2017, Towards “Operating Within” the Field: Doctoral Students’ Views of Supervisors’ Discipline Expertise, Conceptualising Doctoral Writing as an Affective-political Practice, Student Support Networks in Online Doctoral Programs: Exploring Nested Communities, Women in Distance Doctoral Programs: How They Negotiate Their Identities As Mothers, Professionals, and Academics In Order to Persist, Doctoral Students’ Experiences of Feeling (or not) Like an Academic, The Relationships between Doctoral Students’ Perceptions of Supervision and Burnout, Design Based Research in Doctoral Studies: Adding a New Dimension to Doctoral Research, Quantitative Preparation in Doctoral Education Programs: A Mixed-Methods Study of Doctoral Student Perspectives on their Quantitative Training, Doctoral Students’ Social Support Profiles and Their Relationship to Burnout, Drop-Out Intentions, and Time to Candidacy, Exploring Mature-Aged Students’ Motives for Doctoral Study and their Challenges: A Cross Border Research Collaboration, Focusing the Lens to Share the Story: Using Photographs and Interviews to Explore Doctoral Students’ Sense of Well-being, The Doctoral Mentoring Relationship: The Phenomenology of Scholarly Leadership, Sense of Belonging and Its Contributing Factors in Graduate Education, Printable Table of Contents: IJDS Volume 11, 2016, International Doctoral Students’ Navigations of Identity and Belonging in a Globalizing University, Stage-Based Challenges and Strategies for Support in Doctoral Education: A Practical Guide for Students, Faculty Members, and Program Administrators, Doctoral Students’ Emotional Exhaustion and Intentions to Leave Academia, Generating Benefits and Negotiating Tensions through an International Doctoral Forum: A Sociological Analysis, Improving Doctoral Success by Matching PhD Students with Supervisors, Challenges in Doctoral Research Project Management: A Comparative Study.

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