The scientific interests in-clude Standard Model and beyond, includ-ing supersymmetry, extra dimensions and grand unification; flavour and neutrino physics. The Standard Model of Particle Physics Andrea Romanino – Associate Profes-sor, SISSA. a reasonably comprehensive introduction to non-perturbative quantum field theory and particle physics, why not include a volume on perturbative quantum field theory and particle physics (making string theory part V). revolution in particle physics P. Bechtle: Introduction to Particles DESY Summerstudent Lectures 01.08.2011 6. Introduction Nuclear and particle physics are essentially at the forefront of nowadays understanding of physics. But if we’ve gone that far, it would be irresponsible not to include a discussion of supersymmetry and supergravity, and so on Abstract: These lectures provide a basic introduction to the Standard Model (SM) of particle physics. Motivation and Introduction Tools and Historical Foundations of particle Physics Fundamental Forces and Fundamental Particles – afawk The Standard Model – Shortly Before its End? Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics PHY357 1 Better name is probably Introduction to Subatomic physics: Emphasis is on particle physics; nuclear physics is simply particle physics Except for the astrophysical sciences it is here where one is at the edge of conceptual knowledge. Introduction To Nuclear And Particle Physics: Solutions Manual For Second Edition Of Text By Das And Ferbel In contrast, for problems of solid or applied physics we known

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