They are all so clever. We corrected the age to “adult” for the second box and received more developmentally appropriate items, including two toys: a cute (if too large) plush avocado from the brand Zippy Paws and a rubber Kong-like soda can for “hard chewers”; a silky, barbecue-themed bandana, which looks adorable tied around Gus’s neck; a foot-long treat made of tripe that Gus mawed down; a bag of “baked” biscuits; and a pint of peanut-butter dog ice cream mix that you add water to, blend, and freeze (it’s made of milk, peanuts, sugar, gelatin, and salt). BarkBox: What I don't like. You can select ingredient preferences for the edibles too! (It’s a ruff job, but someone’s gotta do it.). It’s great! BarkBox contents are packed in pretty paper in keeping with the monthly theme. However, if you don’t usually spend $20-$30/month on dog treats and toys, BarkBox might not be a great deal for you. And, second, the six- and 12-month subscriptions are cheaper when purchased this way. Their hypoallergic dog treats and goodies will also give you peace of mind that your pooch is safe. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but you should be aware that the subscription does auto-renew unless you cancel it. The plush toys range from $8 to $12 each at the Bark Shop—the retail store where you can buy BarkBox items a la carte—and the treats are $5 a bag and $3 a chew. It’s o, Have you tried the new Gio’s? Our first box, therefore, came with a training guide for new puppy owners; a full-size spray bottle of concentrated stain cleaning spray (just add water—brilliant! This new smart pet feeder blows away the competition, 40 amazing gifts for cat lovers and owners, Tuft & Needle just released a meditation pillow—and it's amazing, 10 popular scented candles to make your home more cozy, 25 amazing gifts that women actually want. You can cancel to avoid the recurring charges within your account, but you can’t cancel mid-term and get your money back (i.e., it’s the same policy as BarkBox and PupBox). Launched in 2012, BarkBox is the one that started it all, as far as pet subscription boxes go. save hide report. Like the others, PupBox comes attractively packaged. I volunteered the testing services of my three-year-old, 18-pound rescue mutt, Gus, to find out which of the most popular services—BarkBox, PupBox, and RescueBox—is top dog, and which (if any) belong in the doghouse. This is a tough one. A collection of genuine reviews: Barkbox reviews for Small Dogs: PIXIE (Affenpinscher, 6 months, weighs approximately 6 pounds) “Pixie ran over to me when she saw me opening a hippie themed Barkbox. We had a snafu in ordering, but the helpful customer service was quick to step in and request details so our subscription would be customized to Gus’s age, size, and gender. RescueBox, a subscription service from and parent charity GreaterGood, lets you treat your (or a friend’s) pet while donating “10 pounds of food to shelter pets in need throughout the USA” per box sold. It's popular for new puppy subscribers to … – plus, she had lots of play dates with our neighbor’s lab which wore her out. Get The Best Treats For Your Puppy With BarkBox. Still, somehow I missed that she requested my pup’s age in months, not years. window.fd('form', { Every new puppy owner should subscribe to BarkBox. (They say variety is good for that.) Every new puppy owner should subscribe to BarkBox. 84% Upvoted. You also cannot cancel mid-term, so if you opt for a longer sub, you’re stuck paying for it regardless, though BarkBox suggests messaging customer service if you’re unhappy and “we’ll do everything we can to make the remainder of your plan amazing.”. BarkBox prices vary depending on how long you sign-up for. Take this real Bark Box example. On the one hand, I love that buying into this helps charities that feed abandoned animals, as my Gus is also a rescue. For more info, please contact [email protected]. The product experts at Reviewed have all your shopping needs covered. BarkBox suitable for puppies? Credit: Reviewed / Jackson Ruckar, How to keep your pets safe from the heat this summer. The plush squeaker toys were much better suited for Gus, size-wise. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. PupBox costs $39 for a single box whether you sign up for the subscription model (which must be canceled if you don’t want a second charge and box) or the gift. (Yeah, not sure what’s up with that.). BarkBox toys and treats are great for dogs of all ages and sizes. A single month subscription costs $29.95; three months is $83.85, or $27.95 each; six months is $152.70 or $24.45 each; and one year is $281.40, or $23.45. The quantity and quality of the items impressed both of us: Each box included two toys, two four-ounce bags of bite-sized soft treats, and one larger single chew treat. Each week, the newsle, Gift idea for friends These pretty ornaments, How gorgeous is this oyster garland? I think this probably put my husband on high alert and the dog subconsciously knew to not mess with mama… She was a dream of a puppy. She was chill at night and did not chew anything I feared she would (like our antique furniture, I would have kicked her out!) But based on my price sleuthing for the second box, the items would’ve totaled about $39 … or exactly what a single PupBox costs.

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