2. Resurrection of Jesus)? Why should we emphasize the cross when sharing the gospel? That the bodies should not remain on the cross on the Sabbath : Normally those executed by crucifixion remained affixed to their cross for days as a grim warning of the consequences of disobeying the Roman government. Jesus came for one major purpose. Includes cross references, questions, teaching points, outline, and applications on John chapter 19 for small groups. He had done nothing worthy of death. It was a perfected art for exacting as much pain as possible before death. Jesus refused to vigorously defend Himself. (see next page), and then rise from the dead (see, How "nearby" (John 19:42) was the tomb to, bibleversestudy.com/johngospel/john19-bible-study.htm, bibleversestudy.com/johngospel/john19-crucify-him.htm, bibleversestudy.com/johngospel/john19-pontius-pilate.htm, bibleversestudy.com/johngospel/john19-golgotha.htm, bibleversestudy.com/johngospel/john19-king-of-the-jews.htm, bibleversestudy.com/johngospel/john19-his-mother.htm, bibleversestudy.com/johngospel/john19-criminals-on-the-cross.htm, bibleversestudy.com/johngospel/john19-father-forgive-them-for-they-know-not-what-they-do.htm, bibleversestudy.com/johngospel/john19-sour-wine.htm, bibleversestudy.com/johngospel/john19-it-is-finished.htm, bibleversestudy.com/johngospel/john19-veil-of-the-temple-torn.htm, bibleversestudy.com/johngospel/john19-broken-legs.htm, bibleversestudy.com/johngospel/john19-blood-and-water-meaning.htm, bibleversestudy.com/johngospel/john19-joseph-of-arimathea.htm. Zachariah 12)? work? And what is more, this would be done in front of the world to see, increasing ones shame and disgrace. How many soldiers "crucified Jesus" (John 19:23)? The Romans normally left their victims on the cross for days to first die and then start rotting and be eaten alive. What was the main purpose for the design of the cross? The Jews were threatening further trouble that could signal the end of Pilate’s power there in Judea. BIBLE STUDY QUESTIONS. What did Pilate and "the people" mean by what they did and The Jews came up with an ingenious argument to convince Pilate. Matthew 27:35-44, Luke 23:43 – The thieves of the cross and more mocking of Jesus. Golgotha? towering ones seen in Roman Catholic art? Why did Jesus give Pilate "no answer" (John 19:9)? And we come down through history to each of us. while on the cross (see Luke 23 and Matthew 27)? What is the Latin for the Hebrew word "Golgotha" (John It read: JESUS OF NAZARETH, THE KING OF THE JEWS. How did Pilate “get back” at the Jews for forcing his hand? How does Jesus’ intentional self-sacrifice speak to you today? Psalms 22:18 – Prophecy about Jesus’ clothes being divided. What does the phrase “it is finished” mean? Help us continue to create Bible study resources by supporting Study and Obey for as little as $1. Why do you think Jesus would ask John to take care of His mother? But it happened. Joseph and Nicodemus take initiative to help with the burial. They appealed to his ties with Caesar and challenged his loyalty and patriotism. What is flogging and why did Pilate order Jesus to be flogged in verse 1 of the Gospel of John Chapter 19? In what way is this the climax of God’s plan for the world? How can you see the sovereignty of God throughout these verses? Why would the soldiers give Jesus a drink when they clearly were trying to torture Him? What did Pilate do after delivering Jesus to be crucified The movies and pictures that depict a kind of lovely and gently scene are ridiculous. When the Jews complained Pilate refused to give in. Jesus was already beaten and tortured and whipped and bleeding and then had to carry his own cross for a ways. John 1:29, 1 Peter 1:19 – Jesus, the lamb without blemish and spot dying, His blood shed for us. Each of our lives has been shaped and changed forever because of this one even that took place almost 2000 years ago. He had had enough. At the end He asks them again what they want, perhaps in yet another attempt to show he was not responsible. What does Pilate granting the body of Jesus to Joseph imply? It was God’s plan to redeem the world and right the mistake of Adam. Why do you think God decided on such an ugly and even sick form to take away sin? What do we learn about Pilate from the following verses in the Gospel of John Chapter 19 and 18, as well as the verses from other Gospels?

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