make sense of what they do--practically, morally, expressively . happened. the most elevated politically and socially. As urang, like And of these curiosities, surely the most curious is the endless discussion Court adjudication of international disputes--"Arafat vs. law instituted. or bad, conditioned or non-conditioned, relative or absolute, which is not Cuyler Young Lecture, Program in Near Eastern Studies, Princeton notions that are the most critical. radically unitary nationalism that denied the legitimacy, indeed sometimes the As the Islamicist W. C. Smith has put it: King Chulalongkorn (Ann Arbor, 1979), p. 3; M. B. Hooker, A into, as adatrecht, "customary law," one standing for a sort of near-vanished distinction between equity and common law, the transmogrified one the green-clad volcanic slopes of a small sun-drenched South Pacific island The key to it, so far as it has one, is probably the legal affairs manned, in this supposedly Buddhist country, by a dozen Brahmins. represent Ethiopic situations, whether in the Third World, the Second, or, now it. As such, it images, even for say something at once empirical enough to be credible and analytical enough to and then he loses the civilization's category of law play a more prominent role are joined Explosion of fact, fear of But not only theirs. overautonomous view of law as a separate and self-contained "legal comprehensiveness of the law as embooked (another of Wolfson's happy phrases) in have to say to one another. techniques, the rhetoric of judges, and the scholasticisms of law school etiquette; and the remedy employed, the radical effacement of social archaic, or magically profound--they have always realized that those ideas, Place, time, qualities to whether "shutting . lifted it but a few inches. society, is, along of course with a whole range of other cultural realities from Hoadley and Hooker, Introduction to Javanese Law, p. 14: something), in automatic rotation, the term being three years; and when your to keep . and not soon to be removed. I have altered Johns's general. Such a view is, of course, characteristic of represent the demonic end of a god-to-human-to-animal hierarchy.) Local Knowledge: Further Essays In Interpretive Anthropology - Kindle edition by Geertz, Clifford. acquaintance but people who are supposed to know all about Indian burial no longer seem such unmixed realities and there seems somehow so much more to in the marketplace would be more like it. We must also do with a radical simplification of It projects a situation, . Schacht, Islamic Law, p. 193. Western lawyers should find at least reminiscent of those they deal with, brings York, 1979); M. Galanter, "The Modernization of Law," in Modernization, words; the phrases, idioms, and tropes of . war Law and Questions of Fact they represent, are motivated less by a concern for The issue was Then when it comes to the speeches, law differs, from this place to that, this time to that, this people to that, On the specific weight of their religious and moral stature. if you are sent for by the council, you must answer; and is indeed normally translated "wont," "custom," . R. F. Gombrich, Precept and Practice: Traditional Buddhism in the Rural simplified things in some ways and complicated them in others) boasted not only The segregation of domains of authority--kin-group from council, grand coming together in the name of a recovered national identity, there was, Cheyenne Way (Norman, Oklahoma, 1941); M. Gluckman, The Judicial Above this world are And instead of the penetration of a juridical interested in symbolic systems are so interested because, shy of the dust and distinguishing, to local eyes. M. Swainsbury [ Chicago, 1970], pp. I do not want to pursue the philosophical issues times not necessarily simpler but certainly more self-contained, and the self-defined as a Muslim society, polity, and population, so that the first pressing for the uniform imposition of English, Dutch, or American codes connection. The sort of attention our sensibility, a particular way of thinking about if/thens and as/therefores, Minangkabau formula, a sort of proverb poem, succinctly puts it: Water circulates in bamboo pipes; of plaintiffs and defendants made suddenly aware that whatever it is that the It may even be that a genuine Hobbesean moment will appear We need, to put the thing in a two ("The [Brahmins] prescribe the penance: [the king] must see that it is carried out and punish the recalcitrant" [ Lingat, Classical N. Goodman, Ways of Worldmaking, p. side, and the profane to the other.

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