It works on wood pellets and can provide a temperature of 180 to 600 degrees. There are six racks, giving you ample space to lay out a wide array of foods at once. Warranty and service are provided in 9 cases out of 10 if you’re not satisfied with something in your purchase. We hope you enjoy Louisiana grills as much as we do. This vertical BBQ smoker … Moreover, a knob for temperature control from 150 degrees to 450 degrees is available as well. This is especially true for smokers and kamado grills. This grill can maintain a temperature of 180 to 650 degrees. This Louisiana Grills smoker comes in a vertical design with the burner at the bottom. Some grills have really nice wheels that rotate 360 degrees and allow good transport of the grill. Unfortunately, not all Louisiana grills are equipped with a digital control panel or digital remote control. My first grill was on propane with a gas burner under Wok. Besides, the manufacturer’s support for users is also at a high level. Digital control and the ability to install dual probes. But the coolest thing now is the Kamodo grill. However, due to 5 racks, the total cooking area is 1,396 square inches. And desire the whole process to be simple yet effective? It's not easy to find a smoker that meets all the requirements you are searching for without breaking your bank, but this Louisiana Grills Vertical Pellet Smoker review will prove otherwise. The LCD displays the actual temperature, hotness level you chose, and the internal temperature of the meat you've connected to the meat probes. This smoker includes castor locking wheels, making it easier to move the unit around. The grill has a 300-watt automatic igniter. This allows you to adjust the temperature from 180 to 500 degrees, which will help you prepare a dish with any degree of roasting. It not only copes with the role of a smoker but can also excellent fry and other functions. While this justifies the price, it would still be more convenient to use the digital pad found in most other grills now. And indeed it is. But the coolest thing now is the Kamodo grill. It also shows any dirt or greasy spots. The grill comes with a detailed instruction manual, thanks to which we assembled the grill in a few minutes. You don't need to look for another smoker to cater to the needs of the grand family barbeque. At the same time, you can easily adjust the heat due to the fully functional programmable meat probe. The main advantages of this brand are that it produces a fairly wide range of grills, from simple smokers to kamado grills. Therefore, some of them were not included in our list, as we did not want to give you incomplete information about the product. A soft gray color does not attract people much. The hopper holds 50-55 lbs of pellets and is equipped with a digital control panel. For example, in the front, you will see a tray where you can conveniently store sauces and spices. Thus, uniform temperature and smoke consistency are maintained, making the tenderness and succulence of flavors certain. Unlike many vertical smokers with an iron door, Louisiana installed a transparent door here. Digital control. The Louisiana Grills Vertical Pellet Smoker offers various useful features, including a large cooking capacity in a durable body. Also, since the brand is not very popular, it offers its products for very modest money. It has a very stylish design, a spacious hopper, a convenient transparent door, is easy to move, and perfectly monitors the air supply and temperature. It will allow you to take time off from cooking. With its glass door and silver hammer toned porcelain-coated, corrosion-free, and double-wall insulated body, the smoker is a beauty on its own. With this double-walled insulated unit, there will be no heat loss. The total cooking surface is 838 square inches. The Louisiana Grills Vertical Pellet Smoker comes with six cooking racks, a water tray, a grease spill tray, two in-built meat probes, and a sturdy cover for the unit. In this grill, everything is thought out to get the best cooking experience. #3. Top 7 Louisiana Grills - Reviews and Buyers Guide. Users who have ever bought Louisiana grills have always been satisfied and reviewed well of the brand. Louisiana Grills is one of the oldest pellet smoker manufacturers. Company: Louisiana Grills. Price. In the beginning, we said that a balance is struck between great looks and performance. The kit includes a tool for removing ash. This is enough to prepare meals for 4-6 people. The smoker unit is heavy, but you don't have to worry as it comes with locking wheels. With a hopper capacity of 60 pounds, you can prepare an entire meal without needing to worry about refilling the hopper. You can also adjust the flap yourself. Cooking meat and fish on my grill began with the acquisition of my first home. You just need to set the temperature and the grill will do all the work. Strengths: First, let’s take a look at the positives of Louisiana. But Louisiana offers you a very compact and efficient pellet smoker. Traditionally, we make a column in which we describe all the advantages and disadvantages that most grills of any brand have. Don't worry about undercooked food anymore. Have a nice grilling! It monitors airflow and has an easy-to-use thermometer. You can use the liquid, which is rich in smoky flavors, for making sauces. It is worth noting that you can cook up to 18 hours continuously! Temp Range: … This site is also a participant in Clickbanks affiliate programs. The Louisiana Grills smoker is an excellent machine with a lot of merits. The hopper size is small for some users. You will also like the convenient digital control panel for the oven. The Pit Boss Grills Smoker has everything you need in a pellet … Weaknesses: Now let’s move on to the less pleasant things – the disadvantages of Louisiana grills. This innovative vertical pellet smoker provides aromatic, smoldered food both swiftly and proficiently. All my young family and children loved to gather at the table and eat delicious hot food. Louisiana Grills are also owned by Dansons, Inc. and headquartered in Alberta, Canada. Louisiana Grills Vertical Pellet Smoker. You're going to love this smoker whether you want it for a family of two or you like having house parties and want to smoke the house. bluehost. Plus, we love that Louisiana brands have a great balance between good looks and performance. It is heated using wood pellets, but electricity is needed to operate the element that makes the pellets burn. So, you can launch it with a single tap. Masterbuilt MB20071117 Digital Vertical Electric Smoker. Louisiana grills come in a wide variety of sizes, models, and are made from quality and durable materials. Another plus is the springs that hold the cover in place. We would recommend investing in one if you are looking for an inexpensive, quality option. With 2,059 square inches of cooking space and six adjustable cooking racks to put your meat on, this smoker can handle family dinners and multiple functions affluently. Note: most links in this article are Affiliate links, see Affiliate Disclosure, thank you. They are cheap, easy to use, and durable. Conclusion. Not in Chinese or Korean, but step by step in plain English. However, if you want a smoker with similar qualities but at a lower price, you can check out the PIT BOSS Series Digital Vertical Electric Wood Smoker. Although it uses an old structure that was used in Japan thousands of years ago, the grill is very durable and won’t break even after many months.

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