OR nurses must have strong communication skills as they share surgery details with patients and families, as well as physicians and other medical staff. For circulating nurses in particular, strength helps them move patients into and out of the operating rooms. Consistently looking for job postings in the perioperative role throughout local hospitals or medical networks is the most effective way for nurses to find a position that they're interested in applying for. Rasmussen College is a regionally accredited college authorized to operate as a postsecondary educational institution by the Illinois Board of Higher Education. Before the case begins, I get my schedule for the day and then I can set up my room depending on the surgery. But now we all have to wear jackets Same with little earrings with good backs or ear hair. The demand for OR travel nurses is consistently high. While the modern operating room is sure to rank as one of the most sterile environments in a healthcare facility, the following tips for a healthy OR workspace may help mitigate some of its health hazards. Organizational skills are essential for the circulating and scrubbing nurses to arrange and count instruments and supplies. Special Topics Editor Deborah Filipek develops and edits content for OnCourse Learning’s Nurse.com blog, which covers news, trends and features relevant to nurses. Operating room nurses will want to learn about any benefits, perks, hours, etc. Filter blogs by category . There is a wide variety of nursing roles to potentially apply yourself to. 0. likes. OR nursing made Healthcare Traveler’s list of the 7 most in demand specialties for travel nursing. The program you have selected is not available in your area. As a circulating nurse, I mostly work in the nonsterile area. Nurses are an invaluable part of the OR. These distinct job duties may be combined in the OR nurse job description or they might remain separate specialties, depending on the healthcare facility. This smoke travels at a high rate of speed, which makes dealing with it quickly essential. However, there are several factors that OR nurses should be aware of in order to properly manage a travel nursing career and set expectations. Connect with Rasmussen College on Facebook, Connect with Rasmussen College on Instagram, Connect with Rasmussen College on LinkedIn, Connect with Rasmussen College on Pinterest, Connect with Rasmussen College on Twitter, Connect with Rasmussen College on Youtube, Human Resources and Organizational Leadership, Information Technology Project Management, Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses (AORN), Certified Perioperative Nurse Credential (CNOR), Certified Ambulatory Surgery Nurse credential (CNAMB), Rasmussen College Professional Nursing Associate’s degree, Top 25 Types of Nurses Employers Are Looking to Hire, https://stanfordhealthcare.org/medical-treatments/g/general-surgery/procedures.html, Ensuring that patients have had the necessary lab work done before surgery, Communicating with patients and their families about the procedure and any risks involved, Making sure that all necessary paperwork has been signed, Starting IV lines and assessing patients’ physical condition before surgery, Scrub nurses who hand the surgeon necessary tools and supplies, Circulating nurses who monitor the overall environment of the OR and ensure a safe, sterile field, RN first assistants who actively help with surgeries by assisting the surgeon in controlling bleeding and suturing wounds, Monitoring patients as they come out of anesthesia and watching for signs of infection or excessive bleeding, Offering pain management and helping patients stay comfortable, Communicating with patients and their families about effects of the surgery and explaining next steps for post-op care, Financial Aid and FAFSA (for those who qualify). operating room nurse | diversitynursing.com is the nation's leading online service for diversity nurse recruitment and career development- providing top-quality recruitment services and networking opportunities, while linking under-represented nursing candidates … This role requires a unique set of nursing skills and comes with challenges that might not appeal to every nurse—but those who do enjoy it will thrive. Filter blogs by keyword . Updated 09/01/2020. She has more than 25 years of writing and editing experience, having previously worked for weekly newspapers and ad agencies in the Chicagoland area. The Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses (AORN) divides these nurses into three types, each with their own special tasks in the OR: Post-anesthesia care (PACU) nurses care for patients during the first few hours after surgery. More info. Employers may find especially desirable candidates who have practiced nursing in an emergency room, trauma center, intensive care unit or recovery room. No matter how long it has been in contact, any item that touches the floor should be disinfected before patient use, according to AORN. These locations come with a few on-the-job differences, but one thing they all have in common is the operating room itself. A Personal Choice Blog - Sally Muncy, RN is an Operating Room Nurse at A Personal Choice who assists patients throughout their tubal reversal procedures. Just like other nursing specialties, working in the OR comes with pros and cons. Effective cleaning procedures in the perioperative environment are essential to promote safety and decrease the risk of the spread of infection for surgical patients and team members, according to the AORN Environmental Cleaning Tool Kit. Being an operating room nurse isn’t as easy as handing the surgeon a scalpel like you’d see on TV! An Operating Room (OR) is in many ways one of the main the nerve centers of the hospital, where the work of providing relief to patients from their ailments is carried out. External links provided on rasmussen.edu are for reference only. Ashley is a freelance writer for Collegis education who writes student-focused articles on behalf of Rasmussen College. This piece of ad content was created by Rasmussen College to support its educational programs. Please visit www.rasmussen.edu/degrees for a list of programs offered. Nurses are known for staying cool and collected under pressure, but RNs who work in the stressful environment of the operating room (OR) seem to have superhuman abilities to focus and be calm. Now that you know what it’s like to be an operating room nurse, you might be able to picture yourself working in this medical setting. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. While the patient will be the center of attention (and care), as an OR nurse, you are right there in the thick of things, and in some cases, you help to run the show. Plus, pro tips on how to create a resume to land the best OR nurse jobs. The Association of periOperative Registered Nurses, and two of the organization’s perioperative nursing experts — Perioperative Education Specialist Ellice Mellinger, MS, BSN, RN, CNOR, and Senior Perioperative Practice Specialist Mary J. Ogg, MSN, RN, CNOR — weigh in on what perioperative nurses can do to help make their workplaces as healthy as possible for surgical patients and the healthcare professionals who work there. OR nurses should expect to see some of these common surgeries during their time in the operating room. There are also several certifications available for OR nurses. Maciej Duszyński. Here are the advantages of operating room nursing. 2Burning-Glass.com (analysis of 62,339 operating room nurse job postings, May 1, 2019 – April 30, 2020). Rasmussen College may not prepare students for all positions featured within this content. To learn more about your options, check out our article, “Top 25 Types of Nurses Employers Are Looking to Hire.”, 1Stanford Health Care, General Surgery – Common Surgical Procedures, [accessed April, 2020] https://stanfordhealthcare.org/medical-treatments/g/general-surgery/procedures.html Operating room nurses typically have prior experience in a clinical or hospital setting. Fill out the form to receive information about: There are some errors in the form. Career Expert. If you can smell the smoke, you are being exposed, Ogg said. Although these are optional, they can show employers that you’re committed to a surgical specialty. She noted an oft-cited research statistic, which indicates “using an electrosurgery device on one gram of tissue is akin to inhaling the smoke of six unfiltered cigarettes in 15 minutes.”. Operating room nurses need the physical stamina for walking or standing for numerous consecutive hours. The result of these high-energy cutting tools are plumes of surgical smoke, which may contain microscopic bits of tissue, blood, carbon monoxide and other toxic gases, and potentially even live viruses or bacteria. The first step for any would-be OR nurse is to first become a nurse by enrolling in nursing school, completing the required clinical training and passing the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). You might hear the term “perioperative nurses” to describe RNs who work with patients before, after or during surgery.

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