The population of the once largest and genetically unique stock of Pacific herring, the spring spawning Cherry Point stock in North Puget Sound, has declined by 90% since 1973. The biocomplexity in the herring stock shown here demonstrates that preserving spatial and demographic diversity can increase the stability of this herring population and its availability as a resource for consumers. a Sampling sites in the major spawning grounds in Hokkaido and Tohoku district with the tsunami height distribution.b STRUCTURE bar plot (K = 7) given the location information of the spawning grounds.c Neighbor-joining tree based on the pairwise F ST values. Lambda estimates for the Cherry Point Pacific herring population and the posterior probability that the subpopulation experiences a 95% decline in biomass within the next 10, 20, or 50 years.....94 Figure 47. herring population declines in general take a decade or longer to recover (Hay et al., 2001). In PWS, a critical bottleneck for herring recruitment is juvenile abun-dance and the condition of young-of-the-year during late fall and winter (October–March), a period when zero or negative growth rates occur (Foy and Paul, 1999) and mortality rates are highest (Stokesbury et al., 2002). The number of herring in Central and Southern Puget Sound, while variable, has shown little trend over the past 40 years. We used our historical datasets of micro-satellite genotypes of Pacific herring (Clupea pallasii) (Sugaya et al. Pacific herring is one of the most important fish species in the North Pacific, both economically and ecologically (Ito et al., ... YS herring population fluctuations can have serious economic consequences and are often accompanied by significant changes in the structure of the ecosystem (Tang et al., 2016). 2008; Nemoto et al. Pacific Herring Pacific herring (Clupea pallasii) is an important commercial species in the Northeast Asia including China, Korea, Japan, and Russia. on Pacific herring populations using samples collected before and after the earthquake throughout the range of dis-tribution in Japan. Population Dynamics of Pacific Herring and Humpback … To investigate t… Spatiotemporal population structure of Japanese Pacific herring. Herring populations within Puget Sound are highly asynchronous but share a common negative growth rate and may be influenced by the Pacific Decadal Oscillation. POPULATION DYNAMICS OF PACIFIC HERRING AND HUMPBACK WHALES IN SITKA SOUND, ALASKA 1980-2011 By RECOMMENDED: APPROVED: Joseph Liddle Dr. Terrance Advisory tkinson Chair, Graduate Program in Fisheries Dr. Joan Braddock Intermi Dean, School of Fi an Sciences)r. John Eichelberger Dean of the Graduate School ci J a A a m z Date.

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