Paneer butter masala (also known as butter paneer) is one of the popular paneer dishes that are ordered in many Indian restaurants worldwide.. My kids love to have paneer dishes whether it is dhaba style paneer masala, shahi paneer, or paneer sandwich.. Paneer is a rich source of protein, calcium & vitamins for kids. It helps in their growth, bones & muscles development. Then place this charcoal in a steel bowl and place the bowl on the top of the paneer gravy. Check out the recipe below. Here basically you heat up a piece of a coal till its red hot. This dhaba style paneer is best served with any kind of Indian flat bread like butter naan, kulcha or chapati. Chase the flavours and happy cooking Paneer Butter Masala (Punjabi Dhaba Style) Aishwarya Vigneshwaran. This recipe is a mimic of Punjabi Dhaba style Paneer butter masala which I personally enjoyed making and wanted to share with you all. To make dabha style paneer butter masala you need to apply dhungar method or coal method. This dhaba style paneer masala closely matches the flavor and taste of the spicy paneer masala that the dhabas serve us across highways of India.

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