John Agard describes the process of writing 'Checking Out me History'. His commentary is … Both Agard and Blake explore the power of those in authoritative roles such as the government. Let's check out how to generate a battery report in Windows. All essays receive a grade and a very detailed commentary analysing the strengths and weaknesses of the answer. This enables students to identify good practice and techniques to implement in their work. Poet John Agard describes the process of writing his poem 'Checking Out Me History'. He explores where the ideas behind the poem came from. Checking Out Me History by John Agard Overview of the Poem and Context: John Agard is a Guyanese poet who moved to Britain in 1977. This poem deals with how the Guyanese Dem tell me Dem tell me wha dem want to tell me But now I checking out me own history I carving out me identity Interpretations of the poem: A man showing patriotism and national pride An accusation that the West’s influence on the teaching of history is an injustice. He explores where the ideas behind the poem came from. He often looks at black cultural history in his poetry. A detailed, high-level model answer comparing London and Checking Out Me History. me bout dat’, ‘see-far woman’, I checking out me own history/ I carving out me identity’. Poem Comparisons - Checking Out Me History x London Intro: Both ‘Checking Out Me History’ and ‘London’ are based around the power of humans and how its misuse can affect us all negatively. Personal conflict in 'Checking Out Me History' and 'Kamikaze' A grid to help students compare how personal conflict is presented in both poems, based on the example question: Compare the way the two poems present ideas about personal conflict. Important things to know… 1066 = crucial to English history as it marked the take over of English society by the French. Checking Out Me History - John Agard 1. Prompt questions support students in exploring various aspects of the poems, including: Checking Out Me History John Agard 2.

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