It’s fine if you send messages with more than 160 characters - they’ll look the same to everyone as if you only sent one - but those extra texts will count towards your monthly message total. When should you start that conversation, or nurture that relationship? Going to an appointment. It will give your communications a personality, and your customers will really love that. What's great is that you can quickly pull up an emoji keyboard on you computer, whether inside Text Request or anywhere else online. Here’s an example. You might enjoy going to lunch with them. Along the way, most have stopped using “txt speak” and abbreviations. 1.“Hi! You should do the same. If your original message contains more than 139 characters, the STOP message will send as a separate text to those 500 first-time recipients. Hi! No, I haven’t heard anything back yet. Everything will seem perfectly normal to them. One reason people text is they want to communicate with another person. Also, watch this video about STOP messages. Merry Christmas! So how do you make your business sound human? Normally we can process everything in a few days. For more details, view the compliance section of our SMS 101 guide. If the message you’re looking to send can’t be condensed down, maybe it’s not appropriate for text. Thanks for donating to Our Non-Profit! Did you know you’ve been a member with us for 3 years now? All rights reserved. They make a business or brand feel relatable and personable, too. Here are some examples: Hey Timmy, happy birthday! You don’t have to pitch people via text for messages to be valuable. Happy Memorial Day! I can show you how it works whenever you’re ready. Let's chat about your specific needs. Is now good? Download Templates Now 101 Text Message Templates for Sales and Recruiting ProfessionalsYou’re probably a pro when it comes to using email templates and honing your email communication strategy. Cheers, Jon. Taking a personal day. Teeth whitening sessions are 3 for 1 if you book your first whitening before 6/18! You can copy and paste these examples into your own Text Request messages or saved responses, but you'll find the best results by using the concepts and principles from this guide to form your own messages. It's great for you to learn and implement these concepts. can clearly understand you mean to say. Aside from the technicalities, like the character limits, the biggest thing to consider when writing an SMS is tone. Automatic out-of-office emails If you’re out of office and a customer is trying to reach you, make sure your auto-generated email is professional and concise. The question is When should you text someone? Empathize with the person (if they're upset). That can work in your favor if you know what to do. Also, never text someone without their consent. All new units 25% off, free installation through Friday. Become an SMS master with industry insights, best practices and more. Here’s the listing for that house. Yeah, Text Request is an online texting service for businesses. Let me know if you want it or have questions. Grab a time at A lot of these conversation starters should feel like one friend thinking of another and reaching out. Loved connecting with you. We've given you a bunch of example texts in this guide that your customers - or anyone else you text with - will enjoy getting from you. Appointment reminders are professional and effective because they leverage the instantaneous nature of text messaging. Is everything the way you wanted? Give me a few minutes, and I’ll let you know. For this to happen, your original message needs to be 139 characters or fewer. Text customers like you text friends and family. But first I want to make sure you understand a few things. Thanks for reaching out! Someone will be with you shortly. Autoresponses are pre-written replies that automatically send to anyone who texts you. To give you some general guidelines, you might want to send a professional text message if…. - Casandra. You need to text your customers, but you aren't sure of what to say. We just posted this new guide: Should You Refinance Your Home? Hey! Let us know if we can do anything for you. Great news! Our recommendation is that you keep your messages to 160 characters or fewer. Thanks! For context, this is exactly how much content you can fit within that limit: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early. If emails wear ties and pencil skirts to work, texts wear polos and jeans. What time’s good for you? Thanks for opting in. © Copyright 2020 SimpleTexting, LLC. Thanks! For more suggestions like these, check out our guide: 15 Unique Conversation Starters to Drive Customer Communications. A few extra characters can cause you to send extra messages that count towards your monthly usage. For example—, Setting the situations we listed above aside, there aren’t many other bad times for a text. 30% off everything! If they haven’t called by tomorrow, I’ll touch base. Could we do anything better? They’re personable, good-spirited, and help to keep your business or organization top of mind. SMS Marketing Automation: The Beginner’s Guide, Use Text to Join to Collect Phone Numbers and Emails, You want to send time-sensitive information, You want to confirm or change the details of a meeting/appointment, You have questions or you’re looking to collect opinions, You want to send encouraging messages or kudos. (For recommendations on billing and usage, view our Upgrading and Downgrading Plans page.). Hey! if your original message is 140 characters or more), the STOP message will send as a separate text. If you want to learn everything, keep reading. Below, we’ve outlined some sample auto reply messages for managing customer service. Hey Jeremy. We are! Consumers tend to shop around before deciding who to buy from, work with, or give their money to. Customer service texts might be the easiest to get right. Reply to this text to schedule your appointment. Looks like he forgot to put a part on. We’ll send new discounts periodically that you can use in store or at We’ve seen ROIs of 50X-100X for these promotions, and I’ll give you a handful of examples across industries. If you're on a Mac, view this guide. Instead of viewing the number of characters as a limit, think of it as a Litmus Test for your text. They will only go out when you personally text a contact for the first time. They’re great for keywords, because you can share information instantly whenever someone texts in a keyword. When it comes to sending professional messages there are a few topics that are better handled in person or over the phone. If you’re interested let me know. Out of office messages might include information like: Why you are gone. That’s okay! If your message goes over 160 characters, you’ll actually be sending multiple texts. - Carol @ Local Insurance Agency. When you do that, messages will feel both personal and unique to your business or organization. They’re also great fillers that tell people we’re paying attention to you while your staff find a moment to handle the request between their other tasks. Thank you! If it’s an emergency, call this number and press 6. Thanks for your message! Throw the customer a bone for any their trouble (e.g. Signatures are so important that we created a whole page just for them (our Queuniversity Signatures page). Emojis can help you convey more with fewer words, and do it more clearly - which helps you keep messages to under 160 characters. I have a couple questions, do you have two minutes to talk? There is one exception, though - STOP messages. The message reads Text STOP to opt out. It’s a good framework for keeping messages concise, and for keeping your billing in check. Your interview at Citizens Bank is at 11am tomorrow on 101 Poe Street. Texting helps you build those relationships and boost your bottom line, which should make everyone happy. What you need to consider, though, is how the STOP message can affect your character count, which can affect how many total texts you send. Let me know if interested, I’m happy to share more details. Keep in mind that people generally like promotional messages less than one-on-one messages, so you might have more opt outs (STOP replies) than if you were sending an appointment reminder or service follow up text.

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