Messages 856. Messages 30,995. J. Jay Strange Member. PRS #8 Bass: Again these are stock on guitars Paul Reed Smith has made for himself or his friends. Reactions: scolfax. Probably similar to putting A5's in Antiquites. I really liked the neck. Discussion in 'Electric Instruments' started by Mole351, Nov 6, 2017. I-PRS Paul Reed Smith uses their own color code system for 4-conductor pickups. It is a lower cost version used in the SE and S2 guitars and has the traditional uncovered pickup look vs. the squabbins on the USA version. Treble Pickup (Nickel: ACC-3012 | Gold: ACC-3014) Magnet: Alnico 4 DC Res: 12k Cover: Nickel Bass Pickup (Nickel: ACC- Dragon II Pickups – PRS Guitars West Street East Accessory Store The non "S" version is made by PRS in the Maryland factory. PRS Humbucking Pickups Wiring diagrams and color codes for PRS Humbucking pickups. What are their characteristics? Re: Specs of PRS McCarty pickups? The "S" version of the 85/15 is made by G&B Pickup Co in Korea to PRS specs. Please remember there are many factors that influence tone. I switched them out for a set of 57/08s that I had lying around for a project guitar and put them back almost immediately because they sounded better. A 4-conductor humbucker has many wiring and tonal options. The Vintage Bass has a warm high-mid sound that’s excellent for rock or jazz. When using the options below, the bare or shield-wire is soldered to "ground" on the volume pot casing. The evolution of the original Standard Bass pickup. shane8 Member. Last edited: Apr 23, 2014. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Mole351 New Member. The schematic below shows the coils and their respective colors. Apr 23, 2014 #4 definitely … Official PRS Guitars Forum. It is a full range pickup with warm yet clear characteristics. Treble Pickup (ACC-3412) Magnet: Alnico 2 DC Res: 9.4k Cover: Nickel Bass Pickup (ACC-3413) Magnet: Alnico 2 DC Res: 8.5k Cover: Nickel Compatible with: 3-way, 3-way push/pull, or 5-way pickup selectors Everything I've seen on the 85/15 S has been favorable. PRS #9 Bass: Not currently stock on any model, this is the most vintage sounding bass pickup PRS makes. But the pickups were very good. Apr 23, 2014 #3 They are fine pickups. I believe they're around 8K/7.2K A5. I'm not at home, otherwise I'd check the 2 sets of McCarty pickups I have in my box of pickups. The HFS is a powerful pickup with a balance of aggression, clear highs, strong mid-range, and strong bass. Forums > Guitars and Amplifiers > Electric Instruments > Tell me about HFS pickups. Bass Pickup (Nickel: ACC-3021 | Gold: ACC-3023) Magnet: Alnico 2 DC Res: 8.5k Uncovered Compatible with: 3-way, 3-way push/pull, or 5-way pickup selectors Pickup charts are informational. Originally meaning Hot, Fat, and Screams, the HFS was the evolution of the original Standard Treble pickup. Inspired by the classic 1957 humbucker and introduced in 2008, the 57/08 by Paul Reed Smith are made with vintage-style wire and wound in-house. PRS is very vague about the details of their pickups. Compared to other pu's like 85/15 and 57/08? Joined: Dec 5, 2016 Messages: 113 Likes Received: 121.

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