$6.50. Aug 24, 2013 - Explore Succulent Bliss Larissa Haney's board "Rhipsalis", followed by 271 people on Pinterest. Epiphytes. or Best Offer. Other species have different growth habits, stem shapes and flower colours, some having spines or thorns as well. TThis is an easy to grow succulent that looks really nice in a hanging basket. This is an easy to grow unusual succulent for foliage lovers. AU $23.00 postage. $6.50. 18 members have or want this plant for trade. You could also grow it as an epiphytic plant on a tree or tree fern slab. Family: Cactaceae Mistletoe Origin: Central and South America. Click on image to enlarge. Rhipsalis capilliformis: One vendor has this plant for sale. or Best Offer. SUCCULENT SALE Succulent RHIPSALIS CEREUSCULA 'CORAL CACTUS' AU $15.00. How to care for your online plants; 7 best homemade plant pots; FAQ . RHIPSALIS CAPILLIFORMIS Old Man's Beard. AU $26.00. AU $11.00 postage. Cactus and Succulents. This plant prefers a more shady area and grows long in a hanging basket. Category: Tropicals and Tender Perennials. Rhipsalis baccifera / Rhipsalis cassutha is grown widely in vertical gardens, as an indoor plant, in hanging baskets in shaded positions and even as a feature plant in wall mounted planters. Rhipsalis capilliformis. Capilliformis Mistletoe Cactus. The plants of the genus Rhipsalis are known for their cylindrical branching stems. Exotic Angel® Plants. All Articles; Garden Care; Tropical Plants Articles; Edible Plants Articles; Ginger, Canna, Heliconia; Buying Plants Online; Photo Gallery; Creative Gardening + DIY; Trees + Shrubs Articles ; Plant Nursery News; Palms + Cycad Articles; Fertiliser, Soil, Compost; Popular Articles . Rhipsalis houlletiana. AU $32.00 . Rhipsalis capilliformis. or Best Offer. $6.50. Purchase this product and earn 10 Gardino Points. An easy-growing plant for hanging baskets, this variety has cascading branches, white flowers, and pink fruits. I would recommend this plant for beginners. Partial to Full Shade . Rhipsalis salicornioides . The white flowers have a slight perfume fragrance. Ships in 2″ pot. Blog Categories. See more ideas about Succulents, Plants, Cacti and succulents. SUCCULENT SALE Succulent SENECIO 'String Of Pearls' Cascading Clumping Creeping. Burches Mistletoe Cactus . Rhipsalis mesembryanthemoides. Foliage Color: Unknown - Tell us. Rhipsalis pilocarpa. This cactus genus consists of 40 to 50 species. Rhipsalis cereuscula . $6.50 . The flowers are actually very cute white flowers, but they are just a plus. or Best Offer. Foliage: Unknown - Tell us. Sun Exposure: Light Shade. Pictogram Guide you may also see symbol definition in a pop-up window by mouse-pointing on pictogram Close window. AU $25.00. Water Requirements: Average Water Needs; Water regularly; do not overwater. AU $11.00 postage. Rhipsalis teres prismatica 'Brazilie' Brazilie is a fun mistletoe cactus that has fine-textured narrow stems. Rhipsalis cruciforme spirals. This plant is purchased for its interesting green stems that hang down and resemble a long "beard." Link to image: Rhipsalis crispata : Rhipsalis sp. If you don't see the price - the plant is not for sale. Exotic Angel® Plants. Rhipsalis rauhiorum. Native to Brazil, in the wild they grow in trees or in the cracks of rocks. $6.50. Rhipsalis baccifera. $6.50. Sale!! AU $20.00 postage. Articles. Rhipsalis burchellii. Rhipsalis capilliformis – Old Man’s Beard (2″ pot) $ 10.00. In stock. Height: 6-12 in. $6.50.

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