£299.99. (I will add pictures at a later date and remove this line) So far I own three Risa stick ukuleles one of each scale. UKE Republic always includes pro setup for optimal sound and playability. First uke: Risa Uke solid (stick) soprano. My tenor is in route to my home from Australia as I type. (That's the closest thing Risa has to a website. And with an undersaddle pickup, they're a real hit with performers too. Risa Ukuleles, based out of Germany, is known for developing innovative ukuleles that have earned them a worldwide reputation for their electric ukuleles. It comes in beautiful American walnut with pearloid block inlays. Has been very well taken care of and never left the house. Risa UKS432WA Stick Electric Tenor Ukulele. Specs here. Risa Ukelele Strings . Risa's European made electro ukuleles are really unusual, but unusually good - such is the great feedback from players. The Risa solid ukes are probably the most popular, and are perfect for practice and travel. It has been through the Risa quality control as well as MIM's quality control and setup. 195.00. ... Fender Billie Eilish Concert Ukulele, concert ukulele, signature, top and body sapele, nato neck, hardwood neck laminated, neck binding, 16 frets, nut width 35mm (1,375"), scale 381mm (15"), fishman kula preamp, open gear runers, abalone rosette, finish black satin with... £227. There seems to be at least two variations of the stick ukulele design from Risa. With a super slick playing action that makes them play beautifully, they're the perfect travel companion. to the product (2) Recently Viewed . In Stock View Item × World Famous Ukulele Store Find Us. Purchased from MIM roughly 6 weeks ago I'd say. Risa ukuleles are designed in Germany. The owners of Risa own that site, as far as I know.) Risa UKS432WA Stick Electric Tenor Ukulele.The Risa Electric Stick Tenor Ukulele is the high-end edition of the Risa Electric Stick Soprano Ukulele with a tenor scale of 17 (432mm). Risa Ukuleles. Risa UKS432WA Stick Electric Tenor Ukulele. So it is in like new condition. Risa Ukuleles. Risa Soprano Electro Ukulele Uke Solid Stick. 4 results. I have recently been asked a few questions by members about the Risa sticks I own so I decided to conglomerate everything into this thread. Customer Info Shop with confidence. There are 4 main types of Risa ukulele available; the Risa solid or "stick", the Uke 'Ellie, Risa Electric ukuleles (steel string) and Risa Acoustic ukuleles. Duke of Uke is London's World Famous Ukulele Store carrying over 100+ models of ukulele in all shapes and sizes.

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