... AT2035, NT-1 and P220. The casing can indeed make a difference to the sound of a mic capsule--as an extreme example, think about how the sound of an SM58 changes when some twit cups it, effectively changing the case design. Marantz Pro Umpire. Hello folks, is the Aune X1S a good buy for the price ($250) ? sE Electronics operate their own production in their own small factory, and this is located in Shanghai...this true condenser capsule with front center termination has therefore been specifically designed for the X1 S. SE has since expanded the range, using the same chassis for a ribbon microphone (X1 R), tube condenser (X1 T) and a version tuned for use on kick drums (X1 D). The SE X1s is the updated version of the X1, SE’s popular entry-level, fixed-cardioid, transformerless condenser microphone. $131. 58 . $50.15. €187.07. $168. The sE company does not buy these capsules in one of the few OEM factories in China, putting their own logo on it. Or there are better options ? I'm thinking to jump up from the Fiio E10k and would like to know what options are in the range of $300. SE Electronics X1S Studio Bundle. I knew that they all are quite similar sounding and I just had to pick one. Although a great microphone in it’s own right, I find that the 2200a has more clarity that helps the vocal to cut through a mix. SE Electronics X1S Vocal Pack. Rode NT-USB Mini. The X1S is a refined version of sE’s best-selling X1, tuned for advanced performance. However, it's not just the case which is different--although the capsule is the same, the rest of the electronics are also different. This allows you to enjoy the classics of the old model with improved features. $96. SE Electronics X1S. There are numerous changes from the original X1: The X1’s low cut filter now provides two options, with rolloffs at 160Hz and 80Hz. SE Electronics X1s Cardioid Condenser Microphone. sE Electronics brought out a revised version of the 2200a a few years back, so I was keen to see what it would be like in comparison to my trusty, and somewhat battered, original. 13 . €110.34. $222. The AT2035 doesn’t suffer from the same top-end problems as the NT1A, and has a warmer, analogue character of sound. I’ve personally used both of the mics and I’ve been more than happy about my purchase. 37 . The X1s is also great in front of an acoustic guitar, or dangling above a drum kit. If anyone knows and used it. €42.24. And, at this price, you can afford to get two for a seriously sexy-sounding stereo setup. 21 . €142.24.

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