Well, let’s talk size first. Siberian tiger would annihilate African lion. I just love how you say that Nat. This is why I think this: A) Siberian tiger is far stronger than African lion. Because they travel in prides, I don’t doubt that lions are “more dangerous.” But the question at hand is: how does a wild adult male African lion stack up against a wild adult male Siberian tiger. Lions use a lot more hunting and killing tactics techniques than tigers. You are probably going to say that it is unscientific… LOL. But I have a question: Were there any fights in circuses where lions got the upperhand over tigers in fight? Aggression is very important for the winner. & your ‘comments’ are point-by point, unscientific nonsense.. Ludicrous Indian tiger fanboys are notorious fantasists, who Its length, however, is almost the same, being between ten to twelve feet. sooner or later.. hence their rep’ for being less ‘trustworthy’ – than lions.. James W, Jeeze kid.. 2) And, no, just no. It is rare, but melanistic tigers do exist…, Check this out: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2736518/Rare-black-tiger-cub-does-best-terrify-s-cute-s-good.html. And the only reason they would be “dominated” by lions is because lions hunt in prides. Dereck nonchalantly points to the scar left by the bite, saying that he still lacks feeling in the area. Actually, that is incorrect. So.. any tigers there’d better watch out, at risk of being caught, skulking around.. Tigers are bigger than lions but in Africa male lions hunt do hunt. As the article progresses you will able to know who is the real king? “butthurt” – in a cage, in Cuba.. Then, as a depraved pariah dog.. (11) If history interests you, then let me tell you that AKBAR THE GREAT arranged fights between a tiger and a lion. Muscles also weigh more than fat. Sometimes tigers walk A LOT more than 20 miles. Good to see you posting again . He eventually sought treatment at a South African hospital, he said. Even a Royal Bengal Tiger would crush an African Lion… 31.91% in forelimbs I suggest that you put your love for bears aside for a moment, and do some unbiased research. Geo. Yet.. you have signally failed.. In history, many cases were such that caged tigers formed a coalition to escape. My personal favorite is the Snow Leopard, but we’re not talking about them here. so the Myanmar peoples.. call your breed, too.. How shameful.. that you neighbours have developed i have watched many moves and study about that.the contents of this site about superiority Siberian tiger are bull sheet. equivalent power & ferocity.. lacks the boss lion’s combat edge.. They use theirs front legs as weapons. Shave the mane of, and the lion would not be nearly as respected. ..a single quality citation – of proven factual validity.. 2. Yeah I agree with that but I still say tiger would win. & as for mean/average measures, as I have previously noted, L.O.L…. Kid, you only ‘prove’, I’ve read ’em online.. how utterly pathetic.. grow up kid.. 3)Tiger killed a Lion with one swipe ( It makes sense because Tiger’s claws are sharper than any sword or spear because African people stab a lion more than 3 time before it dies but tiger killed a lion with one swipe. The more outrageous a lie, the easier it spreads around. Truth is Absolute, Eternal and NEVER changing. But as such – he is a simply typical example (along with primitive superstitions & ‘evil spirits’ ideation), I spoke to many zoologists who say the same things, What people don’t take into account is most lions used in arena were the European Lion a subspecies so many were trapped they went extinct! If a tiger finds serious opposition he will retreat. But forest jaguars, leopards, cougars, cheetahs, can’t. Let’s see how fit a tiger is. In all, Tiny.. your “opinion” on this topic.. is worthless crap.. it would indeed be possible.. Here a large male African Lion is pitted against a small to medium sized Tiger. Kid, your ‘evidence’ Tiger: The life span of tigers in the wild is thought to be about 10 - 12 years. Your quoted numbers are simply ludicrous nonsense.. He will show his teeth and growl more often. Dan Adams, A fully grown MALE SIBERIAN TIGER is larger and heavier than an AFRICAN LION. I have humbly apologized. ..such as “76.2% muscle” ( you actually ‘believed’ that!).. for a tiger to defeat a lion..”. Pretty funny coming from the guy who denies ALL the evidence in front of him. It clears many doubts. Beatty learned & knew.. more about the ways of those real wild beasts.. Do AFRICAN LIONS take down enormous prey like Giraffes and Elephants? who simply swiped a bunch of guff from tiger fan-boy sites without

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