The improved version of the classic Fender Strat Bridge. BYO-BLANK-BW $90.00 * * Black Limba Body Blank. They’re thickness sanded and ready for bandsawing and routing in your shop. You know who you are LOL!~Thank you for your patience. Shop Now Swamp ash SW 09 $ 95.00 $ 88.00 Read more AshOne of the most popular electric guitar body woods, Ash has a bold grain that's perfect for clear or tinted finishes. Home | Bodies, Necks and Wood | Body Blanks. Commonly used to create instruments with a maple neck, the versatility of Ash makes it easy to pair with any neck wood. DON'T MISS A BEAT, sign up for StewMac news. Swamp Ash 1 piece body blank – 101A $ 130.00 $ 110.00 Read more; Sale! We appreciate your business. SWAMP ASH 1 $ 90.00 $ 88.00 Read more; Sale! Swamp Ash,Fraxinus americana, WSA2GR. Yes, you read that correctly. Ash is open-grained, and filler should be used to level the pores before applying a finish. The strong grainlines can be highlighted when filling and finishing for a dynamic and bold effect. Tonally, Ash is highly resonant with very balanced note separation. Don't make a new nut just to fix a low slot—fill it! A joy to work with, it cuts and sands with ease, and glues well. Swamp ash SW 03 $ 95.00 $ 88.00 Read more; Sale! One Piece Swamp Ash body blank 370 X 500 mm . Out of stock. Shop Now Item and description USA Swamp Ash Ref Part/stock no: BBB00001 Pieces Two Measurements 480mm x 347mm x 44.45mm Planed and sanded 2 piece body blank 44.45 Onward and Upward!DON'T CLICK THIS : know that at least a few members of the crew are active on these forums: The Gear Page (TGP) Bass (TB) (MLP), here is noted lumber author \u0026 Wood-database webmaster, Eric Meier's take on Swamp Ash lumber: you're looking for a great semi-scientific analysis of the perceived tonal differences \u0026 properties of ash, alder and mahogany guitar bodies, check out Warmoth Guitar Products's video (hosted by Aaron), \"Alder vs Swamp Ash vs Mahogany - Guitar Body Wood Tone Test,\" at Wood for sale here... BYO-BLANK-SA $79.00 * * Padauk Body Blank. #SwampAsh #commercialforest #guitarmakingSwamp Ash Guitar Body Blank Wood \u0026 and Apology to (one un-named ) Guitar Company.Dateline: February 2020.2019 was the worst year for Swamp Ash wood supply shortages in my 20+ year career in the hardwood lumber industry. Home / Miscellaneous Wood / Swamp Ash Body Blank. Highs are clear but not harsh, midrange is strong and focused, and the low end is clear and doesn’t get muddy or too dark. Share … Learn about how we size our curated sets of high quality tonewood. The improved version of the classic Fender Strat Bridge. Read my complete analysis of the 2019 Punky Ash guitar wood supply shortage here:, it is with great pleasure that we present this guitar body wood ̶u̶n̶ Boxing video. Honduras Mahogany Body Blank. Swamp Ash Body Blank $ 295.00. *StewMAX Members receive 15% off the price of strings plus 50% off the price of all books, plans and DVDs for the life of their membership. Fender's most popular pick shape in different materials. A classic wood for electric guitars, the strong grain and easy workability make it ideal for any build. Build the pedal that redefined overdrive. DimensionsLength x Width: 20.500" x 13.875" (520.7 mm x 352.4 mm)Thickness: 1.750" (44.5 mm)Weight: 8.40 lb (3.8 kg)3-piece. BYO-BLANK-PD $69.95 * * Black Walnut Body Blank. Fender American Standard Strat Tremolo Bridge Assembly. Punky Ash took priority!However, we are filling orders and want to post video evidence of this for all to see!This video was made with one particular anonymous guitar company in mind (luthier, guitar maker, custom shop, whatever you want to call them). Save on Over 900 Items, Swamp Ash Body Blank, 3-piece (8.4 lb) - 008, LEARN MORE about StewMAX Membership Benefits, Swamp Ash Body Blank, 3-piece (10.1 lb) - 001, Swamp Ash Body Blank, 3-piece (10.2 lb) - 002, Swamp Ash Body Blank, 3-piece (9.2 lb) - 003, Swamp Ash Body Blank, 3-piece (9 lb) - 004, Swamp Ash Body Blank, 3-piece (10.6 lb) - 005, Swamp Ash Body Blank, 3-piece (9 lb) - 006, Swamp Ash Body Blank, 3-piece (9 lb) - 007, Honduran Mahogany Body Blank, 1-Piece (10.8 lb) - 017, Swamp Ash Body Blank, 2-Piece (12.4 lb) - 108, Swamp Ash Body Blank, 1-Piece (10.6 lb) - 001, Flame American Cherry Back + Sides, Unsanded - 001, East Indian Rosewood Back + Side Set, Sanded - 127, WoodStax Wild Grain Rosewood Dreadnought Kit, Bolt-on Neck - 022, Flamed Black Walnut Laminated Top, Unsanded - 004, Wild Grain East Indian Rosewood Back + Side Set, Unsanded - 042, Find the proper fret position with the official Stewart-MacDonald Fret Calculator, Stewart-MacDonald is PCI compliant and validated for secure e-commerce.

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