Point of Balance is closer to the grip for thrusting, further away for slashing; for smash & slash you want a Point of Non-Vibration around the position of the index, middle, and ring fingers. Contrary to much of the information that is "out there", the sword and saber blade length is not simply a function of a person's height. Demystifying sword making in the 21st century: how your sword was REALLY made.. Damascus Steel Sucks: Why Cheap Folded Steel Swords are a BAD buy.. It's easy to do. Your opponent has a long blade? Sword length to size ratio. The correct length is the blade length that will place the tip of the blade at approximately eye height when an individual carries the sword at the "Carry Sword" position (sword drawn, arm at side, and blade in a vertical position pointing up). Click here for the most reliable, honest and respected sword sellers, Ultimate Guide to Buying Functional Katana, Affordable Traditional Blades with 'Hamon', Join in and write your own page! You've earned it. for two-handed blade the total length is usually 100 - 140cm; obviously not for home use, unless you own a stone castle. The length of a single handed blade would be just short of the tip touching the ground when the weapon is held in the hand with the arm relaxed and hanging at your side. In lieu of a dog just strategically place explosives all over your domicile, it’s almost as practical as going after an intruder with a sword. And most importantly, you want to keep your body safe during training. I've trained for years in swordplay, and I know that there are only a handful of scenarios that home defence of a sword is the best option... And all of those options include an unarmed intruder. You should be able to swoop front and back alongside without the tip scratching the floor by aout 1/4 to 1/2 inch. If I were you I'd find a sporting goods store and buy yourself a baseball bat. I should have thought more about this issue before posting. And the movie comes out more interesting. I'm 5"5' and have no issues with drawing the blade. Considering that the cutting area of the blade is not the tip, but about 15cm from the tip of the blade, the blade exit area comes right at the shins (after cutting the knee and the leg off.). Get an aluminium one if you want to be fancy about it. Wear finger-open type gloves to protect your skin when training with pair swords. Can't wait to get my second one this October. Because you won't know an intruder is armed until it's too late, the sword defence scenarios are out the window. I'm 5'4, so I'd assume most are more suited toward a slightly taller user. Put some protective gear on your elbows, knees and hands for possible falls. For me myself, I'd want something that I could swing with the right arm, and left me enough balance for a heavy metal pipe in the left. Length of your primary blade gives you the freedom to perform radical manoeuvres to attack from an unseen or unexpected direction. With the zero end touching your chest between your pectorals, extend both hands (fingertips pointing outward) down the yardstick making a triangle. And when I say 'heavy', I mean 'HEAVY!'. Take a wooden yardstick. I was wondering if there is any standard magical sizing chart for katana lengths. Short-bladed hand-and-half swords (like katanas) can have 2:1 blade-to-hilt ratio (roughly 60:30 cm), while one-handed thrusting swords like rapiers have a reasonably-sized hilt (19 cm including the swept guard) with a total length of 120 cm or more, for a 6:1 or greater ratio. The table is not mandatory, you can meet with other opinion-generally, the pupil should listen to … Controlling longer blade is harder when performing slashing movements, especially for a single‑handed blade. It's easy to do. Half the line height extends both up and down from the centerline of the text. im 133 in hight what size should the katana be, I'm 5ft1 130pounds . for universal cut&thrust single-handed blade the total length is usually 65 - 80cm; 77cm (30") sword is good if your height is 180cm (5'11"). And they've completely deserved it. Aims: To obtain age references for sitting height (SH), leg length (LL), and SH/H ratio in the Netherlands; to evaluate how SH standard deviation score (SDS), LL SDS, SH/H SDS, and SH/LL SDS are related to height SDS; and to study the usefulness of height corrected SH/H cut-off lines to detect Marfan syndrome and hypochondroplasia. Buy a desintegrator. This will help me get an idea of how long his should be. Make hooks in a ballistic shield to fix your Mac, and you can turn the video record on! Im 5 foot 6 and I'm looking into a functional katana, but I'm not sure what length to buy. Is there any home left? I do, however, appreciate y'all's concern that I am about to do something foolish. Building a perfect replica of the Kill Bill Bride Sword for Adam Savage. You'll probably very soon find out that You want different weight and length for different types of training: Indoors, the wakizashi is obviously more effective than a katana. Who is going to make your sword? You'll see if the blade is too long, or light. -CHARLIEANSWER: Hi Charlie,Here's an easy way to get a rough idea of how long a Katana you should have. You want to outperform by the reach distance and speed. Have fun until they come. And the sales go up! Swords do tend to break, they also like to remain stuck in a ribcage, and in the bones. The first two, font size and line height, are vertical in nature. "This one and that one have good responsiveness, smooth and free flow of action. Join in and write your own page! Figure 1. IS THAT JUST THE WAY IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE? I just knew it was comfortable in my hands. You'll also find out that the right weight depends on your current condition. That is the optimum sword length, I … Usually you need a reverse-curved, pointing to your opponent, short heavy blade for the reverse grip. I'm only doing this because he tried o make a paper and popsicles stick katana, and it's cool and all but it will break within the next month are two. Im also quite petite which is why I think a smaller katana would be nice. (NEW JERSEY,USA), QUESTION: I'M CONSIDERING PURCHASING A FUNCTIONAL KATANA. There is a non-zero chance that I will have an intruder and that kitchen knife, baseball bat, other sword, spear, chemical reagents, teddy bear, dictionary, flintlock rifle, cash, iron, fry pan, scimitar or any other potential implement of harm that I own will be farther away than this, currently potential, custom sword. I've worked in various hospitals on both coasts of the US. Revised argument about ‘leg-length to height’ ratio and attractiveness. Hope this helps! Combat swords are an expendable material, especially in a prolonged fight against multiple opponents, which is usually the case in most self-defence scenarios. There has been a debate above about whether women or men have relatively longer legs. Hip Height (Leg Length) Average ratio of leg length to stature is 0.530. THE BLADES OF THE ONES I'VE BEEN ABLE TO HANDLE (27"-29") BIND WHEN DRAWN FROM THE SAYA AT A "WORN" POSITION. If you are unsheathing it correctly, it wouldn't make much of a difference. Proper set of swords for training. Do you plan to cut through heavy armor? Hi all. Don't forget to call 911 first. Copying is prohibited Men come cheaper than swords and guns. don't buy a kid a Katana, give him a stick, or a bokken, once he has matured enough and can weild the stick well (a little training, actually a LOT would help) then he can look at a sword. That's just not being practical at all. After years of treating thoracic punctures, abdominal stab injuries, deep lacerations to arms, legs and face, as well as a variety of gunshot wounds, I believe it's both more "humane" and more effective to use a firearm for self-defence. Sorry but most of you are wrong a katan length is measured buy how you can draw it from the saya.

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