changing from the role of student to that of staff nurse is stressful, as well as an exciting achievement. Transition into the role of the professional nurse is cause for great excitement and apprehension for the student nurse. There is also a third reason. Making the Transition From Student to Working RN. Various support systems and interventions to improve the transition … Student nurses often feel inadequately prepared and experience increased levels of anxiety (Edwards et al, 2015; Ong, 2013; Whitehead and Holmes, 2011), and there is much evidence nationally that NQNs do not always feel supported during their transition from student to registered nurse (RN)(Whitehead and Holmes, 2011). The new nurse or student is the most vulnerable to the attack and give the greatest boost to the ego of those who need it because there is seldom consequence for this behavior. Multiple Reasons Why Transition is Tough. This can be a difficult time in an individual’s life and career. This paper explores the experience of role transition for newly-qualified nurses from an Irish perspective. But now you have to go and actually be an RN. July 29, 2018 in Nurse Problems: Seven Essential Time Management Tips for Nurses April 28, 2018 ... What makes the transition from student nurse to staff nurse so difficult? Chances are, you’re not feeling prepared, and rightly so. When students graduate and enter the world of work, there is always a period of transition from being, primarily, a student to a worker. New graduate nurses face a host of challenges that impact successful transition to practice. This commentary discusses challenges and possible solutions to successful transition of new graduates into the work environment. From student to nurse. Undergraduate nursing programmes are designed to equip student nurses with the skills and knowledge necessary for their future work as professional nurses. Most new nurses breathe a collective sigh of relief upon passing their licensure exam. Journal of Nursing. Introduction . School is over, the NCLEX is passed, and your first job landed! Methods. As a soon to be BSN graduate, this author noted a similar theme amongst classmates which provided an opportunity for inquiry to highlight key strategies for successful transition for the entry-level professional nurse. Influences on the role during the transition period from student to staff nurse are unclear. Purpose. Sep 21, 2016 | Nursing Articles, Nursing Students “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” —Winston Churchill. New nurses must achieve myriad milestones. Transition from being a student of nursing studying in a university to a new graduate nurse working in a hospital setting will never be an easy toll that every novice RNs (Registered Nurses) must face individually. The author has chosen to examine the perceptions of newly qualified staff nurses during their transition from being student nurses to registered nurses working as staff nurse in various clinical settings to fully understand the issues involved and find ways to make this transition a healthy, enjoyable and productive phase in career development of new nurses. Health care organizations thus need to understand how changes in the health care landscape impact new graduate nurses who are transitioning to the practice environment.

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