GPA (Grade-Point Average) Requirement. N/A. If your GPA is at or below the school average of 4, you’ll need a higher SAT score to compensate and show that you’re prepared to take on college academics. Mean Cumulative GPA. Transfer Student Statistics. 1 The GPA should be, at minimum , typically 3.0 or higher. 38%. The average GPA and MCAT scores of the UCSD students who matriculated to osteopathic schools are also listed. I am planning on applying to med school and GPA is one of the most important factors, so I want to know how difficult it is to maintain a high GPA. UCSD Acceptance Rate and Admission Statistics by major: The University of California, San Diego Acceptance rate for 2021 is what we are going to discuss on this page. 330. Among transfer admits the average GPA is 3.59. N/A. With a GPA of 4, UCSD requires you to be at the top of your class. In more light, the complete analysis and admission statistics of UC San Diego will be discussed here in detail. N/A. April 2012 edited July 2012 in University of California - San Diego Does anyone know the average GPA of undergraduate students in the Physiology and Neuroscience major? Rate; National UCSD National UCSD National UCSD; 2018. The average GPA at UCSD is 4. 2017. High GPA The mean of successful applicants to PhD programs in psychology, on the 4.0 scale, is 3.6 overall and 3.7 in psychology courses; for Master’s programs it is 3.4 overall and 3.5 in psychology courses. Dashboards; Third Week Enrollment; Undergraduate Statistics The average GPA among new freshman admits is 4.13 and they bring average SAT scores of 629, 697, 644, respectively, for Critical Reading, Math and Writing. What GPA Do You Need To Get Into UCSD? The University of California, San Diego, was founded in the year, 1960. 127. 7,197. 320. Year Applicants Enrolled Mat. Political Science is the sixth largest concentration on campus, with over nine percent of UCSD students graduating from our department. 20,836. Search Term. 1 For federal reporting of the demographic 'sex', students who report gender identities as female or trans-female are reported as women; students who report gender identities as male or trans-male are reported as men. Our department offers a general political science major along with seven areas of concentration - American politics, comparative politics, data analytics, international relations, political theory, public law, and public policy - and two minors. To be eligible for admission to UC San Diego, you must earn the following minimum GPAs: California residents must earn a GPA of 3.0 (or better) with no grade lower than "C." Non-California residents & International applicants must earn a GPA of 3.4 (or better) with no grade lower than "C." 127. The American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (AACOM) provided the data. This makes UCSD Extremely Competitive for GPAs. The academic caliber of UC San Diego’s new students continues to be exceptional.

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