Cytospora canker: A fungal disease that affects older spruce trees, most commonly those more than 15 years old.Symptoms include branches with brown needles that fall off or may stay on the branch as well as a white residue that looks like bird droppings. Spruce trees – and other evergreens – are susceptible to attack by boring insects, those that tunnel beneath the bark and feed on the wood underneath. spp.). A common disease of spruce trees is cytospera canker. How much of the top you cut is a factor. Spruce trees withstand extreme cold, but they don't like standing in waterlogged soil or having their branches whipped by strong, winter winds.   The residue is caused be resin oozing from infected parts of the tree. The best prevention for borers is to keep trees healthy and to grow only those trees that are well suited to your climate. The spruce beetle,Dendroctonus rufipennis (Kirby), is the most significant natural mortality agent of mature spruce. However it does depend on how much you have cut off, but you can maintain a pyramidal shape as long as you continue to shear it that way. In this study, losses in height and losses caused by decay associated with defoliation of DouglaS-fir and true fir tops by western spruce budworm are estimated. Dry winds can cause winter burn, a nonfatal condition that turns needles brown, beginning at the tips, and is more common on … This canker gradually kills the lower branches and can spread to higher branches of the tree. Esti- mates extrapolated from other … Cankers may occur anywhere on the branch; however, they are more prone to occur on branch segments near the trunk. Severe defoliation often kills the tops of attacked trees. Stressed trees are far more susceptible to attack than healthy trees are. Spruce beetle damage results in the loss of 333 to 500 million board feet of spruce saw timber annually. If you just cut the main shoot, then it won't affect the shape of the tree much, another one will take its place nearby. Outbreaks of this beetle have caused extensive spruce mortality from Alaska to Arizona and have occurred in every forest with substantial spruce stands.

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